Assistance Program

York County New Hampshire assistance.

There is financial help available for paying rent, energy bills, and getting free food. There are a few different options for families in Northern New Hampshire who are in need of assistance. York County charities, churches, and government assistance programs are all available to help out. There are also free school supplies, clothes for winter or employment, furniture, and Christmas toys for kids. Where can I apply for help?

Housing and Food Assistance

The federal government is giving money to the United Way of York County (UWYC). The federal government is increasing its funding for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) in York County by tens of thousands of dollars each year. This increase is a result of the government’s increased budget for the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program.

The UWYC has been selected to help manage EFSP’s fund distribution and offer administrative support. They will be working closely with a local board of community volunteers that is responsible for distributing the funds among the local emergency food and shelter programs that apply for funds. Foods can be used to provide rent help or mortgage assistance.

The government is releasing more money because there are more unemployed people and they need help with food and shelter. The funds will help with bills such as rent, food, shelter, or mortgage or utility bill assistance. In addition to the money and resources that area charities and other agencies already have available, the EFSP provides additional assistance. To reach the York County United Way, dial 207-985-3359.

If you need help with housing, you can also contact the Sanford Housing Authority. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families to help pay for rent. The program is administered by the federal government and overseen by local housing authorities. The agency helps low income individuals or families with rental assistance and support for housing by subsidizing a portion of their monthly rent, heating bills and utilities. The agency pays the grant money directly to landlords.

If you are renting a property and have to pay for utilities separately, the housing assistance program may cover a larger portion of the rent so you can also afford to pay for things like utility and heating bills. This financial support is a payment that makes up the difference between the rent that is owed and what the tenant can afford to pay. Some government programs may help pay for a security deposit for low-income housing. Please call 324-6747.

The York Community Action Agency offers many different assistance programs to families in the New Hampshire and Maine area. The number to dial for customer service is 800-965-5762. The agency offers assistance for electric bills through a program known as LIHEAP. This program provides help on a regular basis as well as in times of crisis. This means that the money can be used to keep the utilities on, or to turn them back on if they have been disconnected. The rest of the money from the program can be used to pay for monthly utility and energy bills.

Community Action provides a stable environment. The case management process can help families in York County and northern New Hampshire increase their income, find employment, locate free food or medical care, and more. One example of government financial assistance can be found through the Social Security Administration. Social Security provides monthly payments to qualifying individuals who are retired, disabled, or otherwise unable to work.

There are food banks in New Hampshire that will give free food to low income people. To speak to the local York County food pantry/bank, dial 324-8811. This resource provides a list of food banks in New Hampshire. They can give out free food to people who have low incomes, and also tell people about government food assistance programs.

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