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Yuma County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army provides many services to help those in need in Yuma County. Some of these services include providing food, clothing, and other necessities to families in need. They also offer programs to help people get back on their feet, such as job training and financial assistance. You can help the Salvation Army by donating money, food, or other items. There are at least 10 types of assistance that can be given, which can include providing food, financial aid, overnight shelter, and character building programs. The resources will change over time.

The Salvation Army is a way for people to help others in the community by giving supplies and financial help. The church is looking for volunteers to help with things such as collecting canned goods, helping kids with homework, conducting ESL classes, and donated toys for the Angel Tree. They are also looking for people to shop at the thrift store as the proceeds go back into the community.

Salvation Army financial help in Yuma County

The Family Services Department provides emergency food, financial aid, rent, and other assistance to families in need. This is for families that are financially stable but are experiencing a short-term crisis. This assistance is for one time only and referrals will be given for more long term aid. The referrals may be for programs such as SNAP food stamps or equivalent.

The Yuma Salvation Army does not have a lot of money to give out and it cannot promise that it will always be able to help people. Make sure you bring different types of documentation as well as evidence that you need it. This could be rewritten as: Examples of acceptable documentation of income include copies of utility bills, rental agreements, pay stubs, and income from SSI/SNAP. Birth certificates are official documents that show that someone was born. They typically include the person’s name, date of birth, place of birth, and the names of the person’s parents. If necessary, additional support may be provided.

The homeless can go to a shelter to get food and a place to sleep. In Arizona, there may be some beds for people to stay in to avoid the heat, or volunteers may serve a meal or give a bottle of water. If the homeless person is given aid, they can learn about programs that can help them stabilize their life.

Project Share is a program that helps people pay for their electricity and utility bills. The Salvation Army is a donation service that helps people in need. They process applications and help people get the donations they need. This program is only possible because of donations. The Salvation Army in Yuma not only provides power to keep the lights on, but also distributes free fans to senior citizens and the sick.

The Salvation Army in Yuma County has a food pantry and also offers nutritional classes. This program is also offered by Family Services. to those in need The pantry provides food items such as fruits, canned groceries, dairy, baby formula, etc. to those in need. It is important for clients to understand nutrition. The agency needs to teach people how to eat and cook healthy, so it partners with other groups on this issue. Other government food programs can be found listed online.

Support services in Yuma County

There are programs for the truly vulnerable that are offered by the national organization as well as Yuma County’s partners. The Salvation Army provides assistance to victims of human trafficking, operates Adult Rehabilitation Centers, and offers assistance in the event of a natural disaster, among other services. There is also a soup kitchen for the homeless as well as other vulnerable people in Yuma.

The ARC centers are for clients who are 64 years old or younger. They provide assistance to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and the rehabilitation process is typically free of charge. There is assistance available for finding housing and medical care, as well as information on Medicaid and free meals. After the situation is stable, people affected can then go to GED and parenting classes for several months.

There are also several programs available for youth. The list of programs offered by the church includes a Summer Camp, Sunday School, English as Second Language for students, and many more. Students can shop for back-to-school supplies like clothes, book bags, shoes, and uniforms during the summer before school starts. All of these activities are designed to help young people grow and develop.

There are social service programs in addition to the ones already offered. The church can help with developing good character, ministries for men and women, Christian Education, and providing relief after a disaster, among other things. Hayes Street. The office is located on 1100 S. Hayes Street. The address 13th Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364-3610 is located in Yuma, Arizona. The street address is located on 13th Avenue, and the ZIP code is 85364-3610. The Salvation Army provides resources and assistance to those in need. To learn more about what resources are available and how to apply, please contact them at (928) 782-3703.

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