5 Worst Shark Tank Deals They Regret Taking

You might think you’ve seen everything, but have you ever witnessed a deal go so horribly wrong it became a classic cautionary tale?

Well, sit back and prepare to be astounded as we navigate through the 10 worst Shark Tank deals that the entrepreneurs wish they could erase from memory.

From toys that no one rented to towels that didn’t sell, these business ventures left even the most seasoned Sharks gasping for air.

But what was it that turned these promising ideas into disasters? That, my friend, is a story worth exploring.

Key Takeaways

  • ToyGaroo and CATEapp highlight the importance of sustainable growth and market acceptance in business success.
  • ShowNo Towels and Sweet Ballz underline the necessity of strong business strategies and internal unity.
  • Regrettable investments like Breathometer emphasize the need for thorough due diligence and reliability of products.
  • These failed Shark Tank deals serve as cautionary tales for future entrepreneurs and investors.

ToyGaroo’s Downfall: A Failed Venture

Ever wonder what happened to ToyGaroo, the company that pitched a unique Netflix-like rental service for toys on Shark Tank?

After securing a $200,000 investment, they crumbled under rapid growth. The brainchild of Hutch Postik, ToyGaroo faced scaling challenges, filing bankruptcy due to high shipping costs and sourcing prices.

Their downfall spotlights the sustainability struggles in the toy industry.

ShowNo Towels: A Sinking Ship

In another turn of unfortunate events, ShowNo Towels, a clever towel-poncho innovation for public changing, couldn’t keep its head above water despite a $75k investment from Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner. Creator Shelly Ehler faced disagreements with Greiner, failed partnerships, and challenges with retailers.

The downfall of ShowNo Towels highlights the importance of solid business strategies. A sinking ship indeed.

Sweet Ballz: A Bitter Ending

Next up on the list of regrettable Shark Tank deals is the unique cake balls company, Sweet Ballz. Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran bit off more than they could chew investing a hefty $250k.

Internal disputes and competition led to the company’s downfall. Lack of unity and clear communication turned Sweet Ballz into a cautionary tale rather than an entrepreneurial success.

CATEapp: The Privacy App That Couldn’t

Switching gears from dessert debacles, let’s chew over another flop from the Shark Tank annals – CATEapp, a privacy app that fizzled out despite securing a $70,000 investment from Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John.

  • CATEapp promised discretion but couldn’t impress the masses.
  • Its lack of popularity led to its downfall.
  • The tech market’s challenges proved too tough.
  • The case underscores the importance of market acceptance and scalability.

Breathometer: A Breath of Regret

Diving deeper into the Shark Tank’s murky waters, let’s explore the story of Breathometer, a promising blood alcohol level measurement app that ended up leaving all five Sharks gasping in regret over a $1 million deal.

The FTC intervened due to unfulfilled orders and inaccurate results, leading to Breathometer’s shutdown. Legal issues ensued, emphasizing the importance of due diligence, and leaving a taste of regret.


So, you’ve seen the dark side of the Shark Tank, where dreams turn into nightmares. Don’t let ToyGaroo’s crashing tower, ShowNo’s sinking ship, Sweet Ballz’s sour finale, CATEapp’s disappearing act, or Breathometer’s gasp of regret scare you off.

Instead, learn from their missteps. Remember, a solid business plan, a realistic growth strategy, and clear communication are your keys to avoiding a dive into these shark-infested waters.

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