Akron Summit Community Action Agency programs.

The Akron Summit Community Action organization has multiple locations that focus on helping low income and unemployed people. The services offered by the organization include immediate financial assistance for paying rent or heating bills, as well as programs that promote self-sufficiency in the long term, such as job training or Head Start. The main community action agency offices are in Barberton, Akron and Springfield.

Help for housing, rent and energy bills from ASCA

securing emergency assistance from ASCA can be difficult as funding is very limited. The agency will try to help with paying for necessities when it can. This can include everyday expenses such as food, rent, and utility bills. Some medical expenses, such as dental or eye care, can also be addressed.

Akron Summit Community Action programs are funded by both private and government grants. The organization provides financial aid in the form of loans with little to no interest. This is especially true for needs like rent or a security deposit. 55th Street The primary office for this company is located at 55 E. 55th Street. The address is Mill Street, Akron, Ohio 44309-2000. Call the customer service line at (330) 376-7730.

The E-HEAP program provides assistance to low-income families in paying their heating, electric, and utility bills. This government resources helps low-income households, in particular seniors, the disabled, and homes with children that are threatened with a utility shut-off notice. What this means is that these people will not have their power or water shut off if they cannot pay their bills. If you are running out of heating oil, fuel, or natural gas, you may be able to get a grant to help pay for it.

This is a program that helps people with their heating bills during the winter. This program helps low-income families who are in danger of having their electricity or gas turned off. Aid is also available for those Summit County residents who have already had service disconnected or who are down to a 10-day supply of fuel.

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The Summer Crisis Program (SCP) helps low-income Ohioans with their utility bills during the hot summer months. This is a form of financial assistance that is made to eligible households and it can help them with making an electric bills or air conditioning payment. This assistance is typically in the form of a grant that does not need to be repaid.

PIPP is a state-funded program that pays a portion of a low-income person’s winter heating bill. The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) is a state-funded program offered by Akron Summit Community Action (ASCA) that pays a portion of a low-income person’s winter heating bill. This is a plan that allows people to pay a certain amount of money based off of their monthly income.

A lot of people in Akron are worried about being able to keep their homes warm, having enough light, and being able to pay for electricity. The non-profit Akron Summit Community Action can help low income families and the vulnerable by directing them to grants, payment plans, budget billing and other solutions. Many energy companies in Summit County are willing to help customers with their energy needs. The community action agency has information on how to get help with paying your utility bills in Ohio.

It is a refundable credit for low and moderate income workers. The Earned Income Tax Credit is a resource that is administered by the not for profit Akron Summit Community Action, Inc. It is a refundable credit for low and moderate income workers. The EITC Program provides free tax preparation advice to low to moderate income residents, working poor individuals. The IRS provides volunteers to assist with taxes through the VITA program.

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The Coalition runs the VITA and EITC programs. Other partner groups include the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA), United Way of Summit County, Akron Summit County Public Library, Ohio Jobs and Family Services, Children’s Hospital, Summit Chapter of the Ohio Credit Union League, and even the Red Cross.

Akron Summit Community Action income, budgeting, and educational assistance programs

Both Head Start and Early Head Start are run by the Akron Summit Community Action, Inc. This place is good for early childhood education because it is safe and has good facilities. They cover both early learning for infants and toddlers, as well as preschool.

The goals of the Head Start program are to improve the development of very young children, promote healthy pregnancies for women, encourage healthy family functioning, and improve school readiness by enhancing education development for children from low income families. The ASCA Head Start program also helps parents by teaching them the skills they need to be self-sufficient. It helps them grow and learn by providing early childhood development, education, free health services, meals, and assistance to disabled children and those with special needs.

The Early Head Start Program is very similar to the Head Start Program. It provides a home-based pre-natal education/curriculum to enrolled women and their infant children. The goal of this program is to improve the health of pregnant women and their babies, as well as to help families function better and to increase parents’ knowledge about their infants. The goal of these programs is to help families in Akron and Summit County connect with their cultural heritage. They are also run in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is a program that was created to help promote healthy eating and active living in children and adults. The program encourages people to eat more fruits and vegetables, and to be more active every day. The Akron Summit Community Action agency has an anti-poverty program that helps people in need. Case managers work with clients to help them become more independent and self-sufficient, and to overcome the challenges of poverty. This includes referral programs, employment, and other information on assistance programs in the state of Ohio.

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The Summit County Ohio Community Action Agency offers a variety of education services that can often lead to job placement and career help. There are opportunities to learn new skills through GED training, apprenticeships, and other resources. This program is open to anyone who needs it.

This means that many of the people who need help are those who are not in the majority, who have recently moved to this country, or who have not finished high school. Education and skills are important for getting a job. There are also classes on how to improve your resume and how to ace an interview, as well as job placement services. Even people who have no job experience can find employment.

Location of Summit County Community Action

The main office for this company is located in Akron, however they are willing to help and give advice to people from all over the county. Asca helps those in need by providing referrals, emergency food, job programs, and financial aid. Monroe in Chicago, but there are also branch offices in New York and Los Angeles. The company has its main office in Chicago, with branch offices in New York and Los Angeles. The address of the Akron Mill Street campus is 44309-2000. Call (330) 376-7730 to speak with someone.

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