JPMorgan Chase homeownership centers in Columbus and Cincinnati.

JP Morgan Chase is expanding its services to Ohio homeowners by opening additional centers in the state. The locations will be open in Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio, and they will provide area homeowners with the ability to sit down and meet with a certified housing counselor.

Although it is unfortunate, Chase is the only mortgage servicer that offers one on one and face-to-face counseling to borrowers. Counselors can help people deal with their home loans from Washington Mutual, Chase, or EMC.

The Chase homeownership centers can help people who are behind on their mortgage payments or who are at risk of falling behind. They can provide a single point of contact for these people, and they offer other services as well. If you’re struggling to make your loan payments, you can talk to a counselor and see if there’s anything Chase can do to help. If someone is having trouble making their payments, they should reach out to Chase for help as soon as possible. Some of the programs that may be offered by Chase include a mortgage modification, short sale, deed in lieu, or some other program.

One of the biggest complaints from housing counselors and government agencies during the mortgage crisis is that it’s very difficult to get loan modifications because there’s no single point of contact with someone who knows the borrower’s financial situation in-depth. There will be staff members at all Chase Homeownership Centers who can speak multiple languages. This is so that customers from different backgrounds can use the services and programs offered. The best way to help borrowers stay in their homes or prevent foreclosure, according to many experts, is to have a face-to-face conversation about their unique circumstances.

The housing counseling centers will be open a total of six days per week. They will be staffed with highly trained housing counselors who help customers avoid foreclosure. – The new Columbus and Cincinnati locations are scheduled to open in the second half of 2011.

The amount of aid offered will be great. Chase Homeownership Center counselors will help customers and local families understand all of the options available that could allow them to stay in their homes. This means that there will be one person who the homeowner can talk to who is responsible for helping them with their mortgage modification. This person will help them with things like collecting documents, filling out applications, and getting information about government programs. They will also help the homeowner sign the documents for the modification.

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments and live in Cincinnati or Columbus, you may be able to get help from Chase JP Morgan. This service is designed to help people who are having trouble keeping up with their mortgage payments and can provide assistance quickly. This is possible due to the contact between people. This means that homeowners will not have to wait as long to do things like mail in paperwork, applications, and forms. JP Morgan Chase will attempt to provide a prompt response to your request. To find out more information about applying for help, dial 1-866-550-5705.

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