All Beatles Songs Ranked From Worst to Best

You might be surprised to learn that the Beatles have a staggering 213 songs to their credit, each one unique and contributing to their legendary status. Now, imagine trying to rank these songs, from worst to best. It’s no small task, given the diversity and quality of their work.

This discussion isn’t just about the music; it’s also about the stories behind the songs, the cultural impact, and the ongoing influence of the Beatles. So, where would you place ‘Yesterday’ or ‘Hey Jude’? Intrigued? Let’s embark on this fascinating journey, dissecting and ranking the Beatles’ musical anthology.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss what comes next.

Key Takeaways

  • Ranking Beatles songs is a challenging task due to the unique qualities and historical contexts of their lowest-ranked tracks.
  • Noteworthy tracks in the range of 194-175 showcase the evolution of the Beatles’ sound and highlight the distinct contributions of each band member.
  • Middle ground songs in the range of 184-178 offer insights into the Beatles’ evolving sound and the genius of George Martin’s production.
  • The rankings provide insights into the Beatles’ best and worst songs, showcasing the diversity of their discography and offering a guide for exploring their music.

The Bottom 20: Beatles Songs Ranked

The Bottom 20: Beatles Songs Ranked

Diving into the controversial realm of ‘The Bottom 20: Beatles Songs Ranked,’ you’ll discover that even the lowest-ranked tracks in their discography have unique historical contexts and musical qualities that make them more than just another song on the list.

Ranking Beatles songs is a challenge, with each John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, or Ringo Starr piece carrying its distinct imprint.

Climbing the Ladder: Songs 194-175

Climbing the Ladder: Songs 194-175

Now, let’s climb the ladder a bit, focusing on songs 194 through 175.

We’ll start with the noteworthy tracks, which may not be as famous but certainly have their unique charm.

Then we’ll hit the middle ground, before we approach the top, where you’ll find some well-known gems that have become synonymous with the Beatles’ legacy.

Noteworthy Tracks: 194-185

Peeling back the layers of Beatles’ discography, we find a range of noteworthy tracks: 194-185, each bearing its unique charm and quirks, despite criticism.

These tracks, part of ‘All Beatles Songs Ranked Worst to Best’, reveal the rawness of Lennon and McCartney, and the understated brilliance of George Harrison.

From the underrated ‘Beatles for Sale’ to the early hits, these songs showcase their undeniable evolution.

Middle Ground: 184-178

As we climb the ladder from 194 to 175, we hit the middle ground with songs ranked 184 to 178, a collection that takes us deeper into The Beatles’ discography. These are the tracks that showcase the Beatles’ evolving sound, highlight the distinct contributions of John and Paul, offer insights into the genius of George Martin’s production, and sit comfortably in the middle ground of all Beatles songs ranked from worst to best.

Approaching Top: 175

Let’s delve into the ‘Approaching Top: 175′ category, where we’ll dissect the rankings of songs 194 through 175, a segment that showcases the Beatles’ musical genius in a new light.

The Beatles’ released some unforgettable tracks in this range. Remember the Lennon song at 189 and that McCartney and Lennon masterpiece at 182?

As we move up the ladder in ‘All Beatles Songs Ranked From Worst to Best’, their creativity truly shines.

Middle of the Pack: Ranking 174-155

Middle of the Pack: Ranking 174-155

You’re now stepping into the middle of our Beatles song ranking, and here’s where things can get contentious.

From ‘Good Day Sunshine’ to ‘Tell Me What You See,’ we’re looking at tracks that, while not topping the charts, have unforgettable lyrics, controversial elements, and underappreciated musical nuances.

Agree or disagree, this section is for the die-hard fans who can appreciate the Beatles’ less celebrated gems.

Unforgettable Lyrics and Tunes

Diving into the heart of the Beatles’ discography, we often find gems tucked away between the more popular hits. It’s in this middle pack – the slots from 174 to 155 – that we uncover tracks that, while not reaching the pinnacle of fame, still showcase the band’s undeniable knack for unforgettable lyrics and tunes.

  • Lennon’s raw emotion
  • McCartney’s melodious charm
  • Harrison’s underrated genius
  • The band’s collective synergy

Each new Beatles song added another layer to this complex musical tapestry, leaving an indelible mark on the music world.

Controversial Beatles Tracks

Venturing into the controversial middle-of-the-pack Beatles tracks (ranking 174-155), it’s clear that even the less celebrated songs like ‘Good Day Sunshine’, ‘Dig It’, and ‘Little Child’ offer rich insights into the band’s diverse discography despite their lower rankings.

These songs, among other Beatles tracks, reflect the rock and roll revolution John and Yoko ignited, proving all Beatles songs ranked from worst to best still resonate with timeless appeal.

Underappreciated Musical Gems

In the middle of the pack, ranking 174-155, lie some underappreciated Beatles tracks that, despite their lower rankings, showcase the band’s musical genius and evolution.

  • ‘Good’ – an underrated song recorded with McCartney’s piano playing.
  • ‘Love’ – an emotional ballad.
  • A track from the iconic ‘Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album.
  • A gem that highlights the Beatles’ early style.

Don’t overlook these underappreciated musical gems.

Beatlemania Breakdown: Tracks 154-135

Beatlemania Breakdown: Tracks 154-135

Plunging into our Beatlemania breakdown, let’s scrutinize tracks 154-135, where you’ll notice a shift in the band’s sound, a testament to their evolving musical ingenuity.

You’ll find ‘Little Child’ in this group, ranked much lower than one might expect.

Then, there’s ‘One After 909’, a raw, early track that surprisingly outranks the polished ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, the first significant spark of the Beatlemania fire.

The Long and Winding List: Songs 134-115

The Long and Winding List: Songs 134-115

As we continue our journey down this long and winding list, we’re now entering the territory of songs 134-115.

Here, you’ll find some lesser-known Beatles tracks, each with their own unforgettable melodic moments that truly showcase the band’s early efforts and evolving understanding of music.

This is where the Beatles’ unique flavor really begins to shine through, so let’s jump right in and explore these underrated gems.

Lesser Known Gems

Diving deep into the Beatles’ extensive discography, you’ll uncover ‘Lesser Known Gems (The Long and Winding List: Songs 134-115)’, a selection that spotlights those hidden treasures often overshadowed by their more famous counterparts.

  • ‘Got Something to Hide’ from their second album
  • The ‘Abbey Road medley’
  • ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and
  • ‘Long Tall Sally EP’

These songs, including ‘Old Brown Shoe’, are the lesser known gems that deserve equal praise.

Unforgettable Melodic Moments

Now, let’s delve into ‘Unforgettable Melodic Moments (The Long and Winding List: Songs 134-115)’, a meticulously ranked collection of Beatles songs that showcases the band’s exceptional talent for crafting memorable melodies.

This section of the list, ranked from worst to best, spans the Beatles’ career, revealing both popular hits and hidden gems.

It’s a testament to their vast repertoire and undeniable knack for unforgettable melodic moments.

Halfway Through the Hits: Ranking 114-95

Halfway Through the Hits: Ranking 114-95

Venturing into the heart of the list, you’ll find the rankings from 114th to 95th, a segment filled with underrated gems and surprising placements that truly showcases the Beatles’ diverse discography.

As we’re halfway through, you’ll notice:

  • The Beatles’ hits aren’t always the most ranked songs.
  • Lesser-known tracks often outrank popular hits.
  • Surprising placements highlight the subjective nature of music.
  • This segment reveals the Beatles’ remarkable range.

Marching to the Top: Songs 94-75

Marching to the Top: Songs 94-75

Pushing forward, you’ll find that the rankings from 94th to 75th are packed with tracks that encapsulate the Beatles’ experimental phase, where their creative genius truly started to shine.

In this segment, while marching to the top, even the worst Beatles songs display an evolution of their musical prowess.

Unquestionably, ranking these compositions can be challenging, considering their artistry and the Beatles’ renowned reputation.

Masterpieces and Missteps: Ranking 74-55

Masterpieces and Missteps: Ranking 74-55

As we continue our journey through the Beatles’ expansive discography, we enter a realm of masterpieces and missteps, dissecting the nuances of songs ranked from 74 to 55.

You’ll find:

  • Early efforts showing their musical evolution
  • Critiques on songs like ‘Now and Then’
  • Nuanced rankings of albums like ‘A Hard Day’s Night’
  • Challenges in ranking due to their prodigious catalog

Stay tuned for more insights into the Beatles’ best and worst songs.

The Fab Four Favorites: Songs 54-35

The Fab Four Favorites: Songs 54-35

Diving deeper into the Beatles’ discography, we arrive at the segment of ‘The Fab Four Favorites: Songs 54-35’, where you’ll find a mix of early covers, studio gems, and controversy-laced tunes.

In this range, you’ll encounter the genius of Paul and George crystallizing in songs recorded by the Beatles.

While all Beatles songs ranked from worst to best share a certain charm, the song ‘The Beatles’ encapsulates the essence of the four Beatles.

The Best of the Beatles: Ranking 34-15

The Best of the Beatles: Ranking 34-15

You’re now entering the heart of the Beatles’ discography, where every song is a testament to their enduring genius.

It’s in this range, from 34 to 15, that you’ll encounter some of their most unforgettable hits of the 1960s.

This segment of the list is a challenging one, as it’s packed with iconic tracks that have left indelible marks on the landscape of music.

Top 20 Beatles Songs

Now, let’s delve into the cream of the crop, the top 20 Beatles songs, a challenging task given the sheer quality and abundance of their music, where we’ll be ranking from 34 to 15.

  • How Lennon’s singing matches the Rolling Stones
  • The unique charm of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack
  • McCartney’s piano playing shining throughout
  • Their breakthrough on the Ed Sullivan Show

This is your guide to the best of all Beatles songs ranked from worst to best.

Unforgettable 1960s Music Hits

Beneath the surface of their mainstream hits, the Beatles created a plethora of unforgettable 1960s music hits. We’ll explore the best tracks, those ranked from 34 to 15, in ‘All Beatles Songs Ranked From Worst to Best’.

From the experimental vibes of ‘Rubber Soul’ to the lively beats of ‘Hard Days Night’, each song reflects the band’s evolution under the guidance of band manager Brian Epstein.

Approaching the Apex: Songs 14-5

Approaching the Apex: Songs 14-5

As we edge closer to the pinnacle of Beatles mastery, it’s time to delve into the monumental tracks that claim spots 14 through 5, each one a testament to the band’s musical genius and innovative spirit.

  • From ‘A Day In The Life’ to ‘Help!’
  • Each song is uniquely Beatles, yet wildly different.

Rated for their innovation, lyrical mastery, and musical prowess.

These songs encapsulate the Beatles at their best, approaching the apex of their career.

The Unforgettable Four: Ranking 4-1

The Unforgettable Four: Ranking 4-1

Diving into the crème de la crème of Beatles artistry, you’ll find ‘The Unforgettable Four: Ranking 4-1’ truly showcases the band’s peak. From McCartney’s piano playing in a Harrison song that Lennon had vetoed, to the first pop star to attack his record label, each song is a testament to their unique genius.

This analysis, part of ‘All Beatles Songs Ranked from Worst to Best’, even features the controversial Yoko Ono.

Behind the Rankings: The Methodology

You might wonder how we distilled the Beatles’ vast and vibrant discography down to a ranked list – let’s delve into the methodology behind these rankings.

  • We evaluated all Beatles songs, ignoring BBC and live versions.
  • Only the first releases were considered.

Identifying weak songs the band produced was a challenge. Love songs, good songs, every little thing was analyzed in-depth.

Fan Opinions: Popular Controversies in Ranking

Fan Opinions: Popular Controversies in Ranking

While the Beatles’ ranking of 229 officially released songs provides a comprehensive overview, it’s stirred quite a bit of controversy among fans, particularly with tracks like ‘Good Day Sunshine’ and ‘Dig It’ landing near the bottom.

Many consider the first of two, ‘Good Day Sunshine’, one of the best, not the weakest of the four.

It’s intriguing how much the group’s last song can alter fan opinions: popular controversies in ranking all Beatles songs from worst to best.


You’ve trudged through the trenches of Beatles’ discography, from the dire ‘Good Day Sunshine’ to the sublime ‘A Day in the Life’. It’s a wild ride, isn’t it?

This ranking has probably shattered some of your assumptions, sparked debates, and maybe even ignited a newfound appreciation for the lesser-known gems.

Remember, these rankings are as subjective as they come. Nonetheless, one truth remains unscathed – Beatles have penned songs that are nothing short of musical masterpieces.

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