Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida assistance programs.

The outreach services from the Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida are focused on the older population in the counties of Sarasota, Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Hendry, Lee and Glades, as well as individuals with disabilities.

The agency can help connect senior citizens and other clients with things they need like financial aid, food, Home Care, Health resources, or minor home repair work. The concern is for people across Southwest Florida who may no longer be able to live on their own and may need help from others.

Information on government assistance and benefits

The agency can help you learn about government benefits like Medicare, EHEAP, and LIHEAP. You can also find out about local resources. There is also the ACCESS Florida program which provides benefits. Caregivers of elderly or disabled persons can also get assistance.

If you are an isolated or frail adult, or if you have a family member or neighbor who is, you can meet with a Senior Outreach worker in southwest Florida or in the counties of Sarasota, Charlotte, DeSoto, Hendry, Lee, Collier, or Glades. If someone wants to know what type of assistance programs they are eligible for, they can call the information line at the number below. There is also the Elder Helpline. A case manager will help a client by assessing their needs and providing them with support.

After the assessment, the senior is linked to various services, including congregate dining centers, food shelves, Public Health Nursing, Meals On Wheels, Low Income Housing, Income Maintenance, Energy Bill Assistance, chore services, Medicare, and ACCESS Florida. These services can help the senior with various needs, such as food assistance, housing assistance, and more. There is help available from the Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida to help the client complete an application for public assistance. A priority is on identifying individuals who are low-income or living on a fixed income. What other benefits can I get from ACCESS Florida?

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The Energy Assistance program, or LIHEAP, will prioritize financial aid applications from vulnerable groups such as senior citizens or households with a disabled member. The emergency home energy assistance program is known as EHEAP. This is an annual program with limited funding. That it will take weeks for the payment to post to an account is something that qualified people need to know.

Anyone who wants to get help from LIHEAP with their utility bills must have the following documents and information ready. They need to show that they have money coming in, such as a paycheck, a retirement check, or SSI benefits. Every member of the household, no matter their age, should have their own birth date and identification.

Free or low cost medical care for the elderly

The SMP – Senior Medicare Patrol or SHINE can help with questions about medical bills and public health care. Staff can help people that are enrolled on these benefit plans understand what their doctor is billing them. This will include a review of the statements and bills. This means that they will explain to the client what their insurance will cover and what it will not cover.

This means that the government provides money to help pay for the program. This service is for people who have a low income. The beneficiary can use Medicaid funds to help pay for their current home or an assisted living facility. The person will be assigned a case manager to help them during this time frame. Medicaid Waivers provides housing programs, energy cost funds, medical care, and much more to qualified individuals. There is free health insurance available in Florida for those who qualify. For more information, please visit the website listed below.

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The Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida provides assistance to elderly and seniors who are living in their own homes or in nursing homes. This assistance can take the form of help with activities of daily living, transportation, and other services. The two main assistance programs are designed to help prevent elder abuse and provide care for those who need it in their homes and communities. The goal is to help people live independently in their current homes, or safely in nursing homes. Home-Community Based Care provides assistance with transportation, case management, shopping, legal aid, and other needs.

The Area on Aging SW Florida also helps coordinate minor house work. The Chores Service helps senior homeowners by doing housekeeping, seasonal chores, as well as home repairs. All work is done by contractors who have been screened and approved, or by volunteers. There are participants from churches, schools and community organizations in Collier, Sarasota, Charlotte, Hendry, Lee, Glades and DeSoto. It will allow people to stay in their own homes rather than moving to a care facility.

Food, meals, and household items from AAASWFL

The Meals on Wheels Program is a service that provides food for homebound people in Southwest Florida. AAASWFL is a key partner of the program. A hot, freshly prepared meal will be delivered to the client’s home up to 5 days per week. A holiday meal is a meal that is eaten on a special day or occasion. Please note that this may sometimes be delivered frozen as it will be shipped at a lower cost. In some cases, this service also includes pet food.

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The program is not very comprehensive. The client may need to contribute a small amount. The Home Delivery of Meals program is for seniors who are homebound in Southwest Florida. To qualify for the program, applicants must be age 60 or older. Individuals who are not able to participate in the Congregate Meal Program or shop for themselves are not eligible for this program.

Applying for help from Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida

For more information, call (239) 652-6900. They offer many solutions that are designed to connect older persons or their family members to community resources. This includes things like support groups, transportation services, and community activities. There are databases on local and federal programs, partnerships with other agency on aging centers, and much more available. The office is located at 2830 Winkler Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33916.

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