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St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs Baton Rogue.

The main programs offered by the Baton Rouge Saint Vincent de Paul charity organization are help with prescriptions, food, housing, and shelter. This means that the resources are allocated to help those who are struggling in the Louisiana community, specifically those who are poor, elderly, homeless, or transient. SVDP in the Baton Rouge area focuses on helping those who are disadvantaged, including immigrants, Spanish speakers, and minorities.

There are resources available in the following areas: East and West Baton Rouge, Iberville, Tangipahoa, Ascension, Pointe Coupee, Livingston, East and West, St. James, St. Helena and Assumption. There are many different churches and hundreds of volunteers that work for the Society of Saint Vincent.

Food programs, including free boxes of groceries or meals

The St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room is a great place to go for a hot meal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This service relies on the generosity of people in the community who donate food items. The center also receives extra government commodities. This means that anyone can go and get a free meal that has a lot of different things in it, like pork, beef, chicken, fruit, and vegetables.

Other parishes besides Tangipahoa, West Baton Rouge, and Livingston also distribute free food boxes, personal hygiene items, paper products, and household items. A food bank or clothes bank is a place where people can go to get free food or clothes. The SVDP’s goal is to help those who are struggling to get by, including the poor, elderly, and unemployed. If you need food assistance in Louisiana, there are resources available to help. You can find food pantries near you by searching online or contacting your local community resource center.

Society of Saint Vincent medications and healthcare in Baton Rogue parish area

The Community Pharmacy at 1647 Convention St. in Baton Rouge provides prescription drugs and medicines free of charge to those who are unable to pay for them or who lack health insurance.

The pharmacy services are offered by a small group of volunteers, and they have a limited staff. There are also volunteers who are pharmacists, medical professionals, and other individuals who screen clients for eligibility. They help each other out by giving referrals, stocking shelves, and generally being helpful. They even help people sign up for programs that offer assistance from drug companies.

The local medical and pharmaceutical communities, hospitals, and generous members of the Baton Rouge parish region all provide critical support for this program. St. Vincent partners with different organizations in order to provide medical assistance, social services, and public support. They also offer a service known as Meds Directed Program, which helps people get the medications they need through major pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs.

Case management and housing services, including homeless prevention

The organization provides short term housing and case management services to help people transition to a new living situation. The community offers a place for homeless people to stay and get a meal, as well as access to other social services. The Saint Vincent de Paul assistance programs provide help with finding a job, going to school, overcoming addiction, and other problems. Case managers want to help people have stable lives and find permanent housing. The charity recognizes that each person has different issues and often requires different solutions. They work with individuals to identify problems and find resolutions.

The organization offers different types of case management services at the same time as providing housing. The agency can help you figure out what you want to do and how to find a job. Essential items like material goods, clothing, and similar items can be provided, such as work boots, dental services and transportation to and from work. Saint Vincent de Paul will work with people to ensure they save some money and continue to support them on their way to self-sufficiency even after they get a job.

A Day Center is located on site to help homeless children and women, and hundreds of people normally receive help every year. Services offered include life skills education, job training, and other programs. The Baton Rouge Bishop Ott Shelter for Women and Children is another option for individuals. For more information on various shelter and housing programs, call (225) 383-7343.

Free or low cost goods from Baton Rogue Parish St. Vincent

The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store/Distribution Center in Baton Rouge is a place where people who are poor or have low incomes can get help. The stores are located on Florida Boulevard, Plank Road, Staring Lane, and Government Street. There are also stores located in New Roads, Brusly/Addis, Greenwell Springs, and Hammond, Louisiana.

The thrift stores provide a wide variety of items at very low prices. The money left over from the stores goes to help people in need. The St. Vincent de Paul Society has a network of churches and Conferences that can provide people in need with free appliances, clothing, bedding, furniture and other household items.

This program provides new uniforms to children who need them for school. This resource was created in the 1990s to help with a challenge created by a mandatory uniform policy being implemented by the local Baton Rouge Louisiana School Board. St. Vincent de Paul partners with other organizations that provide similar services, such as the Salvation Army and donation drives. They also have business partnerships with entities such as WAFB-Channel 9. All these groups help each other to achieve the goal of providing uniforms for kids. Case managers work with local organizations to provide uniforms and free school items for needy children throughout the year.

The Uniforms for Kids program provides clothing and uniforms for thousands of low income families so their children can start the school year. Making sure children have the right clothes for school can help them feel more confident.

Applying to St. Vincent de Paul in Baton Rogue

The different churches can help you out. There may be free stuff, like housing, financial aid and medical care, for people who need it. Call either (225) 383-7837 or (225) 357-8833 for the intake line.

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