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Assistance from Pacific Power in Oregon.

Financial assistance programs provided by Pacific Power can either be administered directly by them, or they can refer families in need to other local resources and non-profits across Oregon. They work with federal government agencies and programs (such as LIHEAP), state resources (including Oregon HEAT), and they have their own payment plans and solutions. The company also partners with energy assistance organizations in Oregon and across the region. Learn more about the main programs offered by Oregon Pacific Power.

A non-profit agency that operates in the state of Oregon and provides assistance to low-income families is Oregon HEAT. This program is funded by donations from businesses, members of the community, and matching grants from various energy providers, including Pacific Power.

This emergency fund provides energy bill assistance to low-income and struggling residents using donated funds. To get more information or to sign up for this service, call 503-612-6300. The program relies on donations, and they are always needed.

You can donate to the Oregon HEAT program by contacting the non-profit that administers it at the number listed above and/or requesting an energy assistance donation envelope. This means that all the money donated goes towards the program and not to things like admin costs. The money can be used to help Pacific Power customers pay their bills. If you do donate, the money can be used as a tax deduction for charitable donations.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is the main source of federal and state energy assistance for low-income households. The United States Department of Health and Human Services provides funding for this resource.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income households with paying home heating bills and possibly cooling expenses during the summer. The Oregon Energy Assistance Program (OEAP) is a state program that provides one-time energy bill assistance to Pacific Power customers. This program was created by the Oregon legislature to help people in need. Local community action agencies administer both programs.

The Oregon Energy Assistance Program/OEAP is funded by a state government-mandated electric meter charge that is currently applied to all account holders. Everyone who has a meter, no matter how much money they make, needs to pay a monthly fee to support this program. A year-round resource is something that can be used at any time during the year. In order to qualify for the program, your income must fall below a certain threshold. Those who are at risk of having their service disconnected are given priority.

Oregon Housing and Community Services is responsible for the Low-Income Weatherization Program. This resource is focused on helping you conserve energy, which is different than some of the other resources offered by Pacific Power. Program applications can also be submitted through local community action and social service agencies.

If you are a low-income family and spend a lot of your income on utilities, you may be eligible for free weatherization services. There is help available for people who are renting or own their homes and who live in a single-family home, apartment, or mobile home. To qualify, they must have low incomes. The focus is on helping elderly, disabled, and families with children in Oregon.

There are a variety of things that can be done to weatherize a home, based on the needs of the people who live there. This means using things that use less energy, like showerheads that are designed to use less water, insulation to keep your home warm, and light bulbs that don’t use as much electricity. The improvements and energy conservation measures are designed to lower electric bills while keeping your home comfortable and safe to live in.

Applying for help from Pacific Power in Oregon

Pacific Power offers certain qualified customers with special services, time payment plans, and bill assistance. Any help that is given is entirely up to the person giving the help. If you are having financial difficulties or are in a crisis, help is available. If you have questions about your payment plan, eligibility, or application, or if you are struggling to make payments, call 1-888-221-7070 to speak to a customer service representative.

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