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Sarasota Catholic Charities financial assistance programs.

Catholic Charities of Sarasota County Florida provides programs to help individuals with short term needs. Many families in Florida are struggling financially due to the weak economy or other challenges such as job loss or reduced income. Emergency financial assistance can help them get through tough times. While resources are very limited, Catholic Charities will do its best to help qualified people or refer them to other local non-profits that may be able to help. Working together, you can find ways to make ends meet.

Money can be given to help with things like drugs, power, or housing. The most popular services are usually the most expensive to fix. If you need help and you meet the requirements, you may be able to get assistance.

Catholic charities typically provide a variety of services meant to address basic needs. This can include things like assisting pregnant women, providing food and transportation assistance, and helping with holiday gifts and meals. Some people who need help may be able to get some of these items. Monetary aid and financial assistance is given only to people who live in the Diocese of Venice of Southwest Florida. This area includes Sarasota, Florida.

There are food pantries located throughout the region. Catholic Charities provides free food and meals to low income families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. This helps them to get through difficult times. Several food banks and pantries across the country provide essentials such as non-perishable food items to those who are struggling to get by, including the poor, seniors, and children.

Many centers rely heavily on donations and contributions from the local community. Catholic Charities food pantries always need items and donations. These are just some of the food basics that are always needed. This includes macaroni, rice, dry beans, pasta, tomato sauce, cereal, cheese, canned meats and fish, corn flour, and cooking oil. If you are able, please donate food items.

Some organizations provide assistance specifically to senior citizens in Sarasota and southwest Florida. The Senior Services of Catholic Charities provides support, advice, and case management to help the elderly. Volunteers and service coordinators will work with residents to help them live successfully as they age and direct them to resources that can help them. Seniors often have special needs in areas such as housing, medical and health care, and home care. They may need referrals and advice for these areas.

Some workshops or educational presentations may be arranged to bring the latest information on health and wellness to local seniors, their families, and caregivers. Some programs that social workers might be involved in are providing emotional support over the phone to people who are lonely, helping low-income seniors get the health care and other services they need, and working with people who are physically or mentally frail and don’t have much support from family or friends.

St. Martha’s Early Learning Center in Sarasota offers child care services. This is a program offered by Catholic Charities that provides quality, affordable early childhood education and care that is tailored to each individual child. If you are a student or child, you can learn pre-math, pre-reading, and writing skills. Other topics that can be covered in early childhood education include teaching social skills, early literacy skills, and fine and gross motor skills. The Creative Curriculum for Pre-School is a curriculum that is used to help teach children about healthy living and God. The center offers free early childhood education for children as well as a parenting program for parents and guardians.

Our Mother’s House is a program that provides transitional housing for mothers and their preschool children. The resource is offered for those who are without a home. The maximum length of the program is two years, and it is located in Venice, Florida. The Mother’s House program helps mothers with parenting skills, education, job skills, and childcare. The housing program is committed to helping homeless mothers and their children achieve self-sufficiency by providing them with a safe and secure environment in which they can grow personally, educationally, and vocationally.

There are also benefits and programs focused on the needs of immigrants and refugees. This means that eligible refugees/entrants can get help finding a job, and also get help with other related services.

Applying to assistance programs from Sarasota Catholic Charities

The Catholic Charities of Sarasota County is a organization located in Sarasota, Florida that provides assistance to those in need. They can be contacted at 941-355-4680.

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