Assistance programs from Fresno County Community Action Agency.

The local community action agency helps low income, unemployed, and struggling residents in Fresno California. There may be grant money from the government to pay bills, vouchers for day or child care, free or low cost health and medical care (including for the uninsured in Fresno), and other aid.

The organization is part of a group of similar organizations that span the entire country. Fresno County Community Action Agency works to help people improve their economic situation and/or exit poverty through its staff and volunteers. There are many benefits to being a coordinated community response team, including the ability to coordinate local and government resources for low-income individuals.

The agency will work to fulfill any requests for help and offer referrals when necessary. The non-profit can help residents find medical care, housing or rent assistance, energy programs, and other aid.

Fresno Community Action Low Income Energy Bill Assistance Programs

The Fresno Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) can help you pay your utility, heating, and gas bills. The Community Action Agency can help individuals apply for benefits from this service.

Typically, funds are paid out during the hotter summer months, or the colder winter period. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides grants to low-income families to help pay for air conditioning and heating bills. This helps families maintain a safe and comfortable temperature in their homes. The community action agency will also usually provide budget counseling, instruction on the proper use and maintenance of installed weatherization measures and education on basic energy efficiency techniques.

The Energy Crisis Intervention Program can help you in an emergency. Fresno households that are at risk of disconnection or in some form of crisis can get help from this program. A household that has received a service termination or a 24- to 48-hour disconnect notice is an example of this. For some people, losing power could mean life or death.

The Weatherization program provides free installation of energy conservation measures for eligible households. The Fresno County Community Action Agency, a non-profit organization, may install measures to prevent water from entering or to allow water to enter. The main goal of the federal program is to reduce energy consumption and help people save money while improving energy efficiency. The Fresno County Health and Human Services Agency provides health and safety for low-income families, people with disabilities, the elderly, and families with young children. It may even cover the costs for testing, repairing, or replacement of heating and/or cooling systems, refrigerators, furnaces, and gas cooking appliances.

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Families in Fresno County who are struggling to pay their electric and utility bills can get help from other statewide and charity assistance programs. Each company has its own way of handling things like payments, disconnections, and other resources. Charities help the elderly, disabled and struggling customers by coordinating with them to get the help they need, working with community action. There are programs that can help low-income Californians pay their utility bills. These programs may offer help with paying for gas, electricity, water, and/or sewer services.

Short term housing centers in Fresno County

The transitional living centers can be explored by younger adults. The center will offer housing and shelter for families for a short period of time. If you meet the qualifications, you can get housing and related support services for up to 24 months. Residents will meet with a case manager at the center to get help connect with community services and government resources, like section 8.

The purpose of the Sanctuary Youth Shelter is to provide a safe space for homeless, runaway, exploited or otherwise displaced youth. The center will provide them with a free meal, crisis intervention, clothing, case management, counseling, and family re-unification (when appropriate). The California High-Speed Rail system will help people who live in the area between Stockton and Bakersfield by providing a faster means of transportation.

Staff and volunteers go out into the streets to provide sanctuary. Youth who are homeless will be provided with assistance, including basic needs such as free food, clothing, shelter and personal hygiene items. Receiving transportation to medical care and help in applying for other appropriate services and transitional housing.

The Re-entry Transitional Program is a partnership between the Local Conservation Corps and formerly incarcerated youth. The program is designed to help youth make the transition back into society. It will help youth reach their full potential and become productive members of the community. They may be able to receive a steady income, gain positive training experience, earn their GED, and get individualized support to help people accomplish their education and career goals.

Resources from community action for children and youth in Fresno County

The Local Conservation Corps is a youth type program from Fresno County Community Action Agency. This program provides opportunities for young people to learn about and work on environmental projects in their community. This non-profit will help young adults by giving them opportunities to become independent and successful. This can include planning for college and careers, completing high school and college/vocational courses, and improving work ethic. The organization will help develop job skills, life skills, leadership skills, and knowledge of community resources and engagement for its participants.

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The Local Conservation Corps offers YouthBuild, a program that helps young people make positive changes in their lives. This organization provides vocational training in construction, landscaping, green building maintenance, and also family centered education programs for fathers. The DOL Career Opportunities Reached Through Participation in Service (CORPS) is also for ex prisoners.

The Head Start program is a federally-funded, community-based program for low-income families with toddlers and infants, and/or pregnant women. The Fresno County Community Action Agency can help people get information about this and help them apply.

Head Start is a program that is offered in both home and center settings. This program helps children from birth to age five prepare for kindergarten. The staff and teachers at this organization work to provide individualized child development services, early opportunities for infants and toddlers with and without disabilities, andcoordinated parent education and social services. This allows parents to have the resources they need to ensure their child is developing properly and gives children the best chance to succeed in life. The Center Based option in Fresno California also offers year-round childcare. This program provides free diapers, food, wipes, bottles, and formula for enrolled children and their parents. The program offers services that can improve the preschoolers’ emotional, social, and physical wellbeing. These services can be delivered through Early Head Start, which is a program specifically designed to help families with young children.

Low cost school age child care is available for Fresno families through the community action agency. This daycare offers a safe and nurturing environment for children aged 12 and under. The non-profit will provide a safe environment for children while their parents are attending school, working or receiving job training. The center will provide affordable and safe day care during holidays and breaks when school is out of session. This agency provides low-income families with cheaper child care, based on how much money the family has and how many people are in it.

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This means that even if you are not wealthy, you can still get help paying for daycare. This is especially helpful for parents who are struggling to afford quality care for their children. Fresno Community Action can help with applications and finding a daycare provider for families. In order to be eligible for this program, the applicant must be employed or enrolled in a job training program. Search for free daycare programs in California.

Low cost or free health care services

The Fresno Community Health Center is a place where people can go to get help with things like preventing pregnancy and getting information about sexually transmitted infections. They offer services like counseling and medical treatment to men, teens, and women who might be at risk for these things. The community action agency provides medical services to families who do not have insurance or who have low incomes. The services are high quality, confidential, and comprehensive.

Medical care assistance can cover treatments like Colposcopy and cryotherapy, physical exams, breast and cervical cancer screenings for women, pre-natal laboratory work, OBGYN visits, and prenatal care up to 35 weeks. The health center can help with family planning and reproductive needs, including birth control pills, pregnancy testing and counseling, and more. There may even be free money to help pay for cancer-related bills.

Locations and contact information for Fresno County Community Action Agency

In addition to providing medical care, this organization also offers computer literacy classes, job readiness workshops, and healthy relationships clinics. The program also has partnerships with and relies on resources from Fresno EOC’s Health Services Clinic, Workforce Connection, Fresno EOC’s Local Conservations Corps, California Job Corps and Marjaree Mason Center. Treatment and counseling refers to services that help individuals with addiction recover. Street-based education and outreach are programs that provide information and resources to people living on the streets. Prevention and education activities work to prevent people from becoming addicted in the first place. Access to emergency shelter provides a safe place for people to stay who are struggling with addiction.

There are several places in the county that offer different services such as LIHEAP, medical care, shelter, etc. If you are looking for information, referrals, or locations, the best number to call is 211. The address of the building is 1047 R St, Fresno, CA 93721.

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