Assistance programs in Boone, Marion, Newton, Searcy, and Van Buren County.

The residents of this area of Arkansas have many different places they can go for help. Where can I go for help with rent, utilities, debt, and other financial aid?

Utility and rent assistance as well as food banks

This non-profit helps low income people to have better opportunities and to get out of poverty. Aid is most often received from referrals or government benefits. I would like to find out about food pantries in my area. The non-profit can help with rent or utility bills for families or individuals who are in an emergency situation. This means that there are resources available to help with things like heating costs, preventing eviction, and other social services. This is the address and phone number for the Clinton, AR branch of the highway 65 south branch.

The Brand New Baptist Church can be contacted by phone at (870) 391-2262.

The Salvation Army is a great resource for people in the local area. The non-profit organization can also provide help with things like water and electricity. Other types of aid that may be offered include food and medical care. In addition to providing year-round assistance, Northwest Arkansas organizations also offer seasonal help, like free school supplies and Christmas meals, gifts, and toys for kids.

The Salvation Army provides assistance to thousands of families each year. The Salvation Army can also provide cash assistance and grants to help with rental assistance, when funds are available. If you need assistance from Care and Share, you can reach them at (870) 741-3130. The Salvation Army is an organization that provides assistance to people in need in the Conway, Arkansas area. They offer a variety of services, such as food and clothing assistance, financial assistance, and more. They also have a thrift store that sells donated items to help raise funds for their programs.

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The White River Area Agency on Aging, located at 570 Yellow Jacket Lane in Clinton, Arkansas, may have some limited funding available to help older adults with their utility and cooling bills. However, funding is rare and not always available. The non-profit has other locations around the area as well.

Older adults in Northwest Arkansas may be able to get help paying their electric bills from Area Aging. The Harrison, Arkansas location can be reached at (870) 741-1144. Utility assistance is offered for Americans who are 65 years or older. There are also programs that help with Medicare benefits, Developmental Disability help and other resources. The USDA has a program that provides meals for seniors through a network of nonprofit organizations, and also has a program that provides housing counseling to seniors. There is more financial aid available for seniors in Northwest Arkansas.

The Lord of the Lake Lutheran Church has a program that provides food for people in need. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides low-income households with food assistance. You can get fresh and frozen items, vegetables, and more from this store. If you want cheap food, you can either call (870) 422-7110, or click here. The Harriet Assembly of God can provide cheap food for low income people. If you would like to donate to charity, please call (870) 448-5744.

Van Buren County Food for Life is a food bank and pantry that helps local people in need. The number is 745-2332.

Bear Creek Spring Baptist Church offers free groceries for families and individuals with limited income. Call the number (870) 741-7937

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The Yellville Area Food Closet provides food for low-income people in the community. To get food from the food closet, call (870) 449-8797.

Community action Agency of Northwest Arkansas

Ozark Opportunities, Inc. is a phone number you can call for help. All types of assistance are available, including help with electric bills, food, rent, and Weatherization. We can help you get to your doctor’s appointments and job interviews. The counselors at this location can help people get back on their feet through job counseling, information on local charities, and other support.

There are offices located in every county, including Boone, Marion, and others. The case managers from Ozark Opp also have information about government grants that can help with basic needs, programs for senior citizens, and the disabled. The organization also provides assistance to prevent homelessness, including low income housing or funds for rental deposits, as well as other support to residents. The Ozark Opportunities community action programs provides assistance and resources for low-income individuals and families. You can call them at 741-2089 to learn more about their programs and how they can help you.

Community clinic for public health

The Arkansas Department of Health – Center for Local Public Health ((870) 743-5244) is a place where people can go to get help with their health. The website provides people with information on how to improve their health, find specialists in their area, and get other help they may need.

Boston Mountain Rural Health Clinic offers discounts on medical and dental bills based on income. The clinic located in Marshall offers free primary medical, dental and preventative health services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Everyone can get help. Call me at 870-448-5733

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Credit counseling, repair, debt reduction, and foreclosure assistance

The non-profit Credit Counseling of Arkansas offers services such as budget counseling, debt management plans, and educational resources on topics like credit and money management. There are many free programs to help with budgeting, debt, and mortgages. Get help from a credit or housing counselor if you’re struggling with your finances or housing situation.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, there are a variety of resources that can help. Many organizations offer free or low-cost credit counseling sessions, debt reduction services, personal finance seminars, and foreclosure prevention programs. You can also enroll in a debt elimination program, which can help you get out of debt and improve your financial situation. This can help reduce late and over limit fees, interest rates, and monthly payments. If you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments, you may be eligible for free foreclosure counseling from HUD-approved housing counselors. These counselors can help you understand your options and work with your lender to avoid foreclosure. Some counselors offer a service called foreclosure mediation, which can help you work out a plan to keep your home.

Head Start

is a non-profit organization that serves the northwest Arkansas region. Ozark Opportunities is a non-profit organization that helps people in the northwest Arkansas region. The Head Start program is a federally funded program that serves low-income three and four year old children and their families. This allows for children to have proper nutrition, education, health care, and social interaction which are important for development.

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