Assistance programs in Holmes, Leflore, Montgomery, and Yalobusha Mississippi.

The WIC State Agency can help people apply for food stamps, TANF, and even section 8 low income housing by calling (662) 453-2119.

Cornerstone Church Clothes and Food Pantry is a local church located in Winona, Mississippi, that provides food and clothes to low-income individuals and families. If you need assistance, please contact the church at (662) 283-1372. There are other food banks and pantries in Mississippi.

The Springdale Family Worship Center provides canned food, groceries, and access to a food bank and assistance program to people in emergency situations or who are low income. The non-profit agency may also be able to provide direct purchase and distribution of food to people in need. The number to call is (662) 473-2771.

The Durant Food Pantry provides access to packaged meals from the Mississippi Food Network. Food and assistance is distributed once a month to children over 5 and adults over 60 who meet certain criteria for the low income. The telephone number 201-5325 can be pronounced as two-zero-one, five-three-two-five.

The Salvation Army of Central Mississippi has two main phone numbers that can be used to reach them. The phone numbers for them are (662) 455-9679 as well as (662) 455-6090. A small amount of rent help may be available, depending on how much money is available. You will also have access to help with prescription vouchers and utility bills. However, the main service they offer is helping people find information on local state and government assistance programs.

United Way of Leflore County funds local charities and non-profit agencies, but they don’t provide financial aid and support themselves. They partner with charities that provide things like food, health care, and housing assistance. They also provide grants that can be used to pay for things like energy bills. The number to call is (662) 453-1910.

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If you want to learn about local community clinics in Mississippi, you can call the State of Mississippi Health Department at (662) 455-9429. There are many places that offer free or low cost dental or medical care.

The Community Food Pantry of Greenwood Mississippi is a non-profit food agency that provides low income people with groceries or food once a month. To be eligible for this assistance, people must meet certain income requirements. If you are in need of food and meet the eligibility requirements, you can receive one emergency box of food. This is provided for those who have applied for food stamps, but have not yet received them from the government. This is a phone number.

The local community action agency in Central Mississippi is called Central Mississippi, Inc. This organization helps low income families and people who are poor to get through their difficulties. Your local community action agency is always a great resource for information on financial assistance and cash grants.

The primary objective is to provide access to limited assistance for rent, utilities, groceries, and medical expenses. The main goal is to help people get back on their feet and become independent. There are programs available in Holmes, Yalobusha, and nearby counties.

The agency is responsible for handling applications for government grants, such as LIHEAP, which helps with paying utility bills and weatherization. Head Start provides free child care services as well as free summer meals. Other government benefits may include SNAP food stamps, help in applying for disability, or TANF.

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EFSP is a key program in central Mississippi that helps people in need. This is a program to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. There may be money available to help pay rent, or information on low income apartments and housing. The community action agency can help with things like security deposits, shelter, and other housing needs. To reach Central Mississippi Community Action Program, call (662) 283-4781.

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