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Assistance programs Weatherford and Parker County.

If you need financial assistance in Weatherford or Parker County, Texas, there are organizations that can help you. There are many programs that can help with basic needs like bills, rent, and food. Look for organizations in Weatherford that can help with expenses, such as charities, churches, and government assistance programs.

Food aid

Father’s Wish Food Ministry is a non-profit that provides assistance with food. The Parker County center will offer groceries, food, and basic needs, such as clothing to the working poor based on donations from the community. The organizations work together to provide food for families, friends and neighbors who were struggling financially and need some short term aid. The address for the Weatherford TX location is 134 Otto Drive, and the phone number is 817-629-6070.

Job training, career development and computer classes

The Center of Hope (817-594-0266) also offers computer training and classes. The Weather College partners with local businesses and schools to offer free computer classes as a co-op program with the Weatherford Center of Hope and the Texas Workforce Solutions Center. You can get certificates that show you finished a computer training course.

Financial assistance for bills, rent, and other expenses

The Center of Hope also provides emergency financial assistance to those in need. If you need help paying your utility bills, getting prescription drugs or getting free food, there are organizations that can help you. The Parker County agency offers job programs from the Next Steps Program and will help coordinate basic medical and dental care. The Weatherford agency also provides funding for security deposits and other bills. The phone number is located above, or you can read more for additional information.

Another organization that provides assistance to Weatherford and Parker County families is Manna. This organization provides cooling and utility bill assistance, free food, prescription assistance every 4 months, clothing, bedding, furniture, possibly rent help, medical equipment and household items to low income and others in need of help. This is a phone number.

The Salvation Army in Parker County may be able to provide some emergency aid, especially during disasters. The number 817-599-6569 is a phone number.

You can get help with your housing and rent from Weatherford Housing Authority. The non-profit offers both housing and rental assistance programs for low income individuals and families across the region. To find out more about what resources are available, call 817-596-0301.

There are several different types of housing solutions available. Parker County families may be eligible for some or all of the following. There are many programs that can provide financial assistance for rent, motel vouchers, or shelters for victims of domestic violence. There are also homeless shelters that can provide a place to stay and information on loan programs and counseling services. The resources from these charities will be limited. Additional rental assistance is available in Parker County.

The Texas Neighborhood Services is a local community action agency. The number for the company is 817-599-5351. The non-profit community action agency offers both rent and mortgage help, funds for utility assistance and deposits, crisis intervention, programs that will either replace/repair heating/air conditioning during an energy crisis or emergency, and other housing help.

Baby Grace is an organization that helps pregnant women. The agency provides emergency prescription drugs, free food, clothing, medical care, and testing for pregnant women. Call 817-599-4700 to schedule an intake appointment.

Get free dental and medical care in Weatherford area

The Dental Health for Parker County organization provides dental assistance to low-income families in the Parker County area. The agency provides dental care for low income individuals and families in Weatherford and across the county. To get more information, you need to call the United Way for Parker County at 817-596-5986.

Cancer patients and their families can receive help with medical bills and other forms of assistance from Cancer Care Services. Call customer service at 800-789-9944. This charity organization provides money for medical bills and other daily expenses for cancer patients and their families, gives them nutritional supplements, and provides support services.

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