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Bell County Texas Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Bell County Texas and Benton provides assistance to those in need, including the poor, seniors, and low income individuals, in order to help them meet their basic needs and become self-sufficient. The non-profit’s clients will need to take part in case management and other activities. This can lead to getting a job and improving one’s financial situation. A plethora of resources are available in the greater Bell County region.

The Salvation Army is an organization that helps people in need. Sometimes they can provide assistance on their own, or they may partner with other non-profits, churches, and groups such as the United Way. They help with things like providing food, clothing, and shelter to those in need. They will do their best to meet all your needs. This can include giving someone a free bag of groceries to help them get through the week, giving them a ride to a job interview, giving them cash assistance to pay an outstanding bill, or maybe even serving them and their family a hot meal.

Most centers in Belmont will offer hot meals and have an on site food bank. This means that they will have food available for people who need it, and that people will be able to get meals from the center. After all, having food is one of life’s most basic needs. The Salvation Army does its best to make sure that no one, especially children and the elderly, go hungry. The following are special holiday meals that may be served.

The Bell County location will provide hot meals to anyone in need throughout the year, although sometimes the amount of food is limited as they rely on donations. The food pantries may give out food for a few days, but you will be limited to how many times you can use the pantry per month. If you need more information, it’s best to call.

If you are in danger of having your power disconnected, you may be able to get help paying your bill. Households that have a young child, a senior citizen, or a member with a medical condition may be given priority.

There are programs available to help you find a job, including Back To Work services. The key to long-term stability is having a steady job that pays a decent wage. There are some workshops that can help you to prepare your resume and also search for local employers in Bell County.

There is a limited amount of rent assistance that can help prevent people from being evicted and becoming homeless. A case manager may try to provide some landlord/tenant mediation services to see if some type of solution can be found. The goal is to provide housing for Benton families so they don’t have to live on the streets. They can also connect you with non-profit organizations, charities, churches, and housing authorities that can help you with your housing situation. If you do not have a home, look into transitional housing units.

If you need help getting around, there are transportation options available to help you. You may need a ride to work or an interview, and an accident could total your car. Maybe you’re trying to get back into the workforce and can’t afford gas to get to work until you get your first paycheck. The Salvation Army in Bell County provides bus cards and gas vouchers to those in need, as funding allows.

The Salvation Army offers secondhand goods for sale to the public, including furniture.

The Angel Tree program in Bell County Texas helps people during the holidays, back to school, and other seasons. This provides gifts and toys for children and seniors who may not receive any gifts otherwise. Other services that are offered during different seasons include summer camps in Texas, as well as back to school supplies and clothing.

The Salvation Army is a national organization that helps people in disaster areas. They have programs in many places, including Bell County. Volunteers and staff are usually quick to respond. They may provide housing, food, water, clothing, and more. They can be there for a fire, tornado, or some other disaster situation.

The main centers that provide assistance to low income residents of Bell County are located at 120 S 21st St, Temple, TX (254) 899-1066 and 1306 E Rancier Ave, Killeen, TX. Call (254) 634-7172.

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