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Black Hills Energy Iowa assistance programs.

If you are a Black Hills Energy customer and are struggling to pay your utility and heating bills, you may be eligible for assistance. The company provides financial assistance to low-income customers in Iowa through a combination of payment programs and referrals to regional non-profit organizations. Many people rely on some form of support every year, including seniors and disabled people.

The Iowa Low-Income Weatherization Program provides measures and savings to help low-income families conserve energy and money. The government provides funding to make homes more energy efficient. This program provides utility bill assistance to low-income Iowans.

If you own a home, you may be able to get free money from the government to make upgrades that will save energy. This could include things like new water and space heating equipment, low-flow shower heads, insulation, and faucet aerators. Some other updates that can be made to weatherize a home include adding insulation to the floors, walls, and ceilings, installing sealants around doors and windows, and improving the efficiency of the water heater. You can apply for assistance at a community action agency.

There are options available for families who are struggling to pay their utility bills. Some low income customers may qualify for budget billing plans or installment bill payment options, which can help make payments more manageable. Other services may also be available to help low income customers with their energy bills.

The Free-Form/Customer Choice Payment Arrangement Option allows customers to make smaller payments over an eight-week period. Black Hills Energy requires a down payment. In addition to making your regular monthly payments, you will also need to pay your current utilities bill. Customers will be able to choose a due date for their monthly bill.

The 10 Percent Payment Arrangement Option is another way to pay for your stay at Black Hills. Customers need to pay 10% of the past due balance on the day the arrangement is set up. The rest of the balance needs to be paid over the next 6 months.

The Budget Billing Plan will average out a customer’s bill so that they will have the same amount to pay each month. This can help customers who have difficulty paying their bill in full or who have high usage during certain months. This means that they will need to pay 1/12 of their current account balance each month. Some potential changes will be made. The energy budget payment for the Black Hills will be changed if the monthly calculation is more or less than 10% of the current amount. An annual credit or true up may be due based on annual usage.

If you are struggling to pay your heating bill, there is help available during the winter months. In addition to the payment plans mentioned, Black Hills Energy can help connect customers to non-profits and charities that operate in Iowa. They also support government programs that help low-income people with things like energy bills.

The BHEAP is a program that helps people with their energy bills. It is funded by the federal government and state, and the amount of money given will change every year. Most of the money is spent on heating and gas bills during the cold winter months.

Black Hills Cares can provide emergency grants or funds to help people with energy-related expenses, such as paying their energy bills, furnace repairs, or maybe even a replacement. The company matches customer and employee donations, dollar-for-dollar.

Donations are tax-deductible and will make a difference. The Black Hills Cares funds go to support local agencies that help the less fortunate, including seniors or families with young children.

Many low income energy assistance applications are processed by community action agencies. Some of the main locations in Iowa are: -The capital, Des Moines -The largest city, Iowa City -The Quad Cities, a group of four cities located near the Mississippi River

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a no-cost service for income-qualified Iowans that helps to make homes more energy efficient. The program is funded by the federal government and is administered by the Iowa Department of Human Rights, Division of Community Action Agencies. The Polk County Weatherization program is a free service that helps low-income Iowans make their homes more energy efficient. The program is funded by the federal government and administered by the Iowa Department of Human Rights, Division of Community Action Agencies. Dial 712-859-3313 The phone number for Harlan, West Central Development is 712-859-3885. The main phone number for Operation Threshold in Waterloo, Iowa is 712-755-5135. Call this number for more information

If you are low income and struggling to pay your utility bills, you should call Black Hills. -What are the payment plans? -What are the referral services to social service agencies? -What are the Iowa based community action organizations? -What other support is available? Call customer service at 1-888-890-5554.

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