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Boston Assistance Programs

The following is a list of agencies and programs available to residents of Boston: -Agency for the Blind -Agency for the Deaf -Community Action Programs -Elderly Affairs -Family and Children’s Services -Health and Human Services -Housing and Urban Development -Veterans’ Services A longer list of resources for Suffolk County and Boston can be found elsewhere. This clickable link will take you to a page with more information.

Mainstream Housing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

This program provides rental assistance vouchers to help people with disabilities afford private housing of their choice in Boston. The number 617 988 4200 can be called in order to speak to someone.

Boston Designated Housing Program

The program provides rental help and rental assistance vouchers to non-elderly disabled individuals. You can reach this agency at (617) 988-4200.

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program is a program that helps people with limited incomes afford safe and decent housing in the private market. The program is for the elderly, very low income families, and people with disabilities. The program does not limit participants to units located in subsidized housing projects; participants are free to choose any type of housing that meets program requirements. The Boston Housing Authority manages this housing program. There are a few ways to get help with rent. One way is to go to a local food bank or pantry and see if they have any resources or programs that can help. Another way is to contact your city or county’s social services office to see if they offer any type of rent assistance. You can also try searching online for government or non-profit programs that offer help with rent.

Action for Boston Community Development, Inc.

The goal of this organization is to help Boston residents become self-sufficient in the long term. Even though they are aware that circumstances can arise where people need assistance with expenses like bills and rent, they continue to provide this type of help. ABCD also provides assistance programs to help families and individuals during financial crises and emergencies. These programs include fuel assistance in winter, short-term help with paying monthly rent, eviction prevention services, and access to food pantries.

The staff at the rental assistance department work with people to help them keep their homes, to prevent homelessness, and to help families move into homes they can afford over the long term. The Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) organization also helps families and individuals who are behind in their utility bills, monthly rent, or facing eviction.

They give money to people who need help paying their heating and utility bills. They also offer other programs that help people save on their energy bills, mostly through energy conservation measures. They have a program that can help people save money on their winter heating bills. This company provides a service to repair or replace heating systems for customers if their current system is not working correctly or efficiently.

Some other programs that are offered are programs relating to health care, food pantries, career development, and job training. The Boston Symphony Orchestra is located at 178 Tremont Street in Boston, with a phone number of (617) 357-6000.

There are many ways to get help with bills in Boston and Middlesex County. You can find additional details on community action organizations.

Foreclosure Help and Assistance Programs

There is an organization called Ensuring Stability through Action in our Community that offers free help to people facing foreclosure. The number to reach them is 617.524.2555. This agency offers several housing programs, including counselors who are dedicated to helping people keep their homes and preventing foreclosures in Boston. They work to stop unfair practices by banks, mortgage lenders and brokers. The organization provides financial assistance to seniors and low-income families so they can make necessary repairs to their homes. This allows them to remain in their homes rather than having to move to a new location. Counselors can also help people connect with other Massachusetts mortgage programs. This phrase is asking the person to learn more about the topic. This could be done by researching it, asking questions, or taking a class.

Boston Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program

The Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership has received millions of dollars in federal government stimulus funding from the state of Massachusetts. The money will go towards the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program, which stops people from being homeless or becoming homeless again by helping them pay their rent and utility bills. The goal is to keep people in their homes.

The funds from the federal stimulus program will be given out by the Housing Partnership and Heading Home.

This program is very comprehensive and covers a lot of ground. If this plan were to go into effect, it would give individuals and families who struggle to pay rent a $1,000 subsidy for one year. In return, these families would have to pay 30% of their income towards rent each month. However, the assistance does not end there. The program provides participants with assistance to pay energy bills, cover moving costs, and access credit counseling services.

One example of a Boston low income housing program is the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. This website provides information on other affordable housing and rental assistance programs.

Crisis Assistance

Catholic Charities of Boston is a great place to turn to for a variety of services. They have a lot of offices around the city. They provide a type of emergency assistance called Basin Needs. Catholic Charities provides a variety of services to people in need, such as food pantries, rent and mortgage assistance, utility and heating bill assistance, assistance in providing furniture, clothing and other necessities, baby supplies, and seasonal and holiday assistance. This can be rephrased to say that someone is feeling lost and unsure of themselves. They don’t know where to turn or what to do next. This person feels like they are in uncharted territory and are just trying to find their way.

The Salvation Army provides several services, including healthcare and disaster relief. This agency can help you with rent, food assistance, and even money to prevent a utility or heating service disconnection. You can reach us at (617) 536-5260.

The ABCD community action agency often receives requests for low income heating and energy assistance programs from Boston residents. Contact your gas company to inquire about programs that can help you with your heating bills.

Free legal assistance in Boston

There is a huge disparity in the quality of legal representation available to rich and poor families. Many poor families can’t even afford a basic lawyer, let alone a good one. This means they are at a massive disadvantage when dealing with the legal system. Greater Boston Legal Services may be able to help with that. This non-profit law firm provides free legal aid for civil cases to those who are low income, the elderly, unemployed, and many others. There are many different types of legal assistance that you may be able to receive for free. This can include help with things such as foreclosure, eviction prevention, family disputes, and more. If you need legal help, you can call 617-371-1234 or read more about legal assistance in Boston, Massachusetts.

Job finding assistance

Operation A.B.L.E is an organization that helps people over 45 find a job by matching them with employers who value their experience. The group helps people who are 45 and older to find jobs, get employment, improve their career skills, and get training opportunities. The group members come from different racial and economic backgrounds and have different occupations. Many people will be eligible for assistance. The number 617.542.4180 can be rephrased as six hundred seventeen, five hundred forty-two, four thousand one hundred eighty.

The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts helps people find employment and improve skills they may already have.

Free health and dental care in Boston Massachusetts

There are several clinics around the city that offer public health and community services. A list of things is below. In general, free clinics offer a variety of services such as primary care, dental assistance, pediatrics, medical counseling, podiatry, and adult day services. The medical services available include HIV testing, weight management, community clinics, women’s health centers, dental care, eye care, general counseling services, pediatrics, podiatry/foot care, case/care management, and adolescent/youth counseling. There are many non-profit organizations and agencies in Boston that offer child care services. Head Start is one of them.

There are several free dental and community clinics in the area, including the North End Community Health Center, Boston Health Care for the Homeless, CHA East Cambridge Health Center, Gore Street, South End Community Health Center, and Harbor Family Health Center. There are other clinics and health centers around the city that offer different services.

There are other programs in Suffolk County that you can learn about.

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