Buncombe County and Asheville homeless prevention and rehousing.

The United Way in Asheville partners with non-profits and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide homeless prevention services in Buncombe County. There are a few different agencies that help people in need, including Homeward Bound of WNC, Pisgah Legal Services, and OnTrack Financial and Counseling. Depending on the resources available, an agency may provide grants or other forms of support.

Tenants in the United States can get free legal aid to help them stop evictions. This service provides free transportation for senior citizens and families living in poverty. Some people in the Asheville community can get cheaper services even if they don’t meet all the requirements. The ordinance covers civil matters such as housing and people who have been given pay or quit notices.

The organization that is in charge of this is Pisgah Legal Services. The phone number is (828) 253-0406. The legal aid can help with different housing problems. They can prevent evictions from both apartments and mobile home parks in Buncombe County. If a landlord evicting a renter for unpaid utility bills or refusing to make repairs, legal support can help by assisting with payment plans or contesting illegal disconnections.

This means that vulnerable people are also protected by law and have someone to represent them. If someone is disabled or elderly and needs help repairing their home or if they are experiencing discrimination, Pisgah can provide free homeless prevention services.

Homeward Bound of Asheville and western North Carolina is a leading provider of financial aid and cash grants. The organization provides assistance to clients through United Way and HUD grants. If there are no funds available, Homeward Bound can arrange for a shelter or motel room. The number to call for intake is (828) 258-1695.

The grants can be used to either stop an eviction or help rehouse a family. This will include, but is not limited to, paying for these following housing costs. This means that if you are behind on any of these bills, you may be eligible for a grant to help cover the costs. This grant is more focused on helping with costs associated with moving, such as storage fees or other fees a landlord may require.

This type of help is always in demand. Homeward Bound and other non-profits work to help low to moderate income families with their rent or housing needs, but sometimes they are not able to help everyone. There are many homeless prevention programs that the applicant can be referred to by the Buncombe County United Way. The tenant may need to reapply for assistance from a local charity.

There are often underlying reasons why people in Asheville and the surrounding county who are facing homelessness or needing to be rehoused. This means that it can be very helpful to get advice from OnTrack Financial and Counseling. This company can offer advice to tenants about credit repair and managing their finances.

The advice is meant to help tenants keep their homes. If a homeless family is working towards stability and needs help with saving money for a security deposit or rebuilding credit scores, this can be covered. The counseling agency has people who are experts in different areas who will sit down with each client individually to talk about what that person needs.

Any family in Buncombe County who is low income or facing a crisis can apply for homeless prevention programs. This means that each case is evaluated individually and not in comparison to other cases. We try to help the applicant as much as possible, depending on what they need and what resources we have. The main phone number is listed above.

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