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Catholic Charities assistance programs Odessa area.

Catholic Charities offers a range of programs to help families and individuals in need in the Odessa, Texas area. The Salvation Army provides many services to help people in need, such as the Building Hope Campaign, which offers job training and thrift stores, as well as counseling.

They run the most popular thrift store in the area. The store provides good quality clothes that are second hand but still in good condition and are cheaper than most places. Only shopping for what is needed. Catholic Charities distributes coats, clothing, shoes, and other items to local non-profit agencies and churches in Ector County, Texas. The store provides families who have been impacted by a disaster, such as a recent fire, with household items and gently used furniture. This organization provides support for women who have experienced domestic violence and are starting over. This includes helping them find safe housing, financial assistance, and counseling. Everything sold at the thrift store goes towards helping different agency assistance programs and services.

The Building Hope Campaign provides assistance for people in Odessa who are facing emergencies or who have basic needs that are not being met. It can give you money for things you need like medicine, food, a place to live, and lights/water. The staff will help the clients become independent by teaching them job skills, financial management, literacy, and preparing them for the GED test. They will also counsel them on their career choices. All educational programs are provided without charge to those who qualify.

Other general agency services are very versatile and can cover many different areas. -N/A-

Housing assistance can help with paying utility bills so that service is not terminated. If a family is homeless, they may be able to get help with the security deposit for subsidized housing. Catholic Charity counselors are available 24/7 to help those who are abandoned, abused, or stranded. They can provide emergency shelter and other assistance. This means that there may be grants available to help with rental costs or to prevent eviction. They also help Texas utility companies by speaking on their behalf.

The employment services and workforce training program in Ector County helps people in need of clothing, an ID, boots, suits, and other items required for employment, either temporary or permanent.

Basic needs such as school supplies and clothing for children. Families in need can also receive coats and blankets from the organization. The center provides food to children, seniors, and local families. They give out around 200 boxes of food each week. The goal is to help children, including immigrants, get the education they need in Ector County. Catholic Charities is involved in free school supply programs because they want to provide children with the supplies they need to succeed in school.

Catholic Charities work with other social service agencies to get help and assistance for clients. There are many things that are available such as food, school supplies, housing, immigration forms, and much more.

The Cory Learning Center offers programs to help people get their GED or to prepare for their GED. The programs are for people who are age 17 or older. Many students graduate each year. Classes in Odessa Texas are also offered for adult literacy for people with reading skills at, or below, fifth grade level. Catholic Charities also offers classes to help people with life and job skills, as well as financial literacy. The last thing that is offered is a self-paced computer literacy program.

This organization provides free tax help to low- and moderate-income people. The IRS has a program where volunteers can help you with your taxes. It gives free income tax preparation to low income families and seniors. It can help families who earn a lot of money keep more of it.

Applying for Catholic Charities financial assistance

Your donations are appreciated and go towards these programs. strives to provide individuals and families with the resources and support they need to lead healthy and productive lives. The goal of Catholic Charities Community Services Odessa, Inc. is to help people have healthy and productive lives by providing them with resources and support. If you want to apply, you need to contact them. They are also an agency that is supported by United Way. If you need assistance from the Social Services Department, go to the 25th Street entrance. The address is 2500 Andrews Hwy, Odessa, TX 79761. The phone number is 432.332.1387. The Family Thrift Store is a store located at 2500 Andrews Hwy, Odessa, Texas 79761. To find out what time the place opens and closes, call 432.367.7890.

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