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Cayuga and Seneca County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities of Seneca and Cayuga County New York can provide several low income assistance programs and other social services. The agency can provide emergency financial assistance, case management, and other support to families with low incomes in the region. The agency provides different human service resources like advocacy and other aid to those who are struggling, including the unemployed, poor, the disabled, senior citizens and others.

This emergency assistance program provides people with money, referrals, information, and help applying for public and government aid. The doctor is in charge of the patient’s care. The doctor is responsible for the patient’s care.

Case managers work with other organizations to help people in need. Some food pantries in Cayuga County will offer meals and canned goods to those in need. Holiday meals and gifts are available during the winter months. Individuals are provided with help so they can learn how to use other resources in their community.

If there is money available, a small amount of financial help may be given. This is a program that you can only use if you are in a difficult situation and need help with things like rent or paying for heat. Those funds will help keep people in their homes and safe. Donations are always appreciated for this or other programs. The person who donates will be able to deduct the amount of their contribution from their taxes.

The local Catholic Charity centers also help people apply for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) which is run by the Department of Health and Human Services. A subcontractor is a person or company that is hired by a general contractor to complete a specific task or portion of a construction project.

This is a program that helps people with their heating and utility bills during the fall and winter. Household income is the basis for determining qualifications. Those Cayuga County households that are not currently receiving food stamps or public assistance are seen at CCFL. You need to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

If you meet the requirements for this government-funded program, you will receive a grant. The company will reimburse employees for money spent on gas, electricity, propane, heating oil, and other necessary expenses such as kerosene. If you live outside of the region, you will need to contact your local County DSS in order to apply for HEAP. You can call the Auburn New York office at 315-253-2222 for more information.

The charity provides support and guidance for the TANF Case Management Program. Please provide a referral from your local health and human services department in order to be considered for this program. A case manager provides personalized planning to each enrollee based on their individual circumstances. We offer services in a supportive environment that helps families achieve or maintain healthy self-reliance. The case management offered by Catholic Charities as part of TANF includes helping the person to set goals, budget, become job ready, and get advice on how to improve living skills. TANF may offer financial assistance for basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

The SSI Case Management Program requires a referral from a county or government agency. Social workers help people who are applying for SSI benefits for the first time. The agency provides help and support. As part of this process, get referrals to and work with free legal assistance programs and other third-party representatives. This organization can help connect people in need with the resources they need.

How to apply for financial help from Catholic Charities in Auburn NY area

22nd Street The main Catholic Charity organization is located on 134 E. 22nd Street. The address is Genesee Street, Auburn, New York 13021. Call the number provided for intake and hours.

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