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Christian Community Ministries assistance programs.

CCM provides support to families and households who are struggling in Ouachita Parish. Even though there are limited resources and each request is looked at individually, the help that is given can vary from financial assistance for electric bills to help with renting or housing expenses, as well as employment-related costs.

The charity can only help when it is able to. The organization is not required to provide any support and can choose whether or not to help. If a person applies for help from a social service organization and the organization is unable to provide assistance, the staff may direct the applicant to other organizations that may be able to help.

The Christian Community Ministries organization may have need for items such as clothing that can be provided by a clothing closet. You may be offered clothes to wear for work or school. There is a small, limited collection of free items that can be used for personal hygiene or around the house, such as toiletries, paper goods, etc. There are often annual drives to raise money to buy clothes and food for the clothing closet and food pantry.

The soup kitchen can serve a free breakfast. A food pantry hands out a box of groceries. This breakfast is the only hot meal that many people who turn to Christian Community Ministries for support or food will eat all day long. The goal is to provide a large, nutritious meal that includes meat, juice, coffee, protein, fruits, and more. When possible, the team at the charity will try to give the client a sack lunch that includes a sandwich, fruit, and a drink. If you feed them early in the day, they will have food in their stomachs later in the day.

The meal service in Ouachita Parish is done by volunteers. They come from places like local churches, faith-based communities, corporations, schools, and service clubs. Anybody who is hungry can come to this place for food, no matter what their income is, how old they are, or if they are homeless.

This is when the food pantry can help. This will provide more sustainable assistance in the form of groceries, perishable food, baby formula, and similar items. If someone needs medication, the pantry program can sometimes provide it for them.

Christian Community Ministries is committed to helping people who are working poor or struggling to make ends meet. They offer an Energy Assistance Program to help with utility bills, and a food pantry to help with groceries. They also have a Rental and Energy Assistance Program to help people who are in danger of becoming homeless.

There is a cost associated with this, but in addition, all Rent Assistance clients will need someone to manage their case. A case manager will visit an individual’s home at least once a month to discuss any concerns or goals the individual may have. There is on-going support available for employment, financial management, landlord/tenant issues or other topics that have been identified through various assessments.

The program helps people who are behind on rent to catch up and keep their housing. This means that there may be money available for a security deposit, moving costs, or the first month’s rent. The case managers can help you find a place to live if you need temporary, transitional, or permanent housing. They will give you information about local organizations that can help you.

If you want to get help from these workshops, you may be required to attend them. When a family leaves the housing program in Ouachita Parish, the staff will also provide them with additional support. This means that you are required to attend workshops focused on self-sufficiency, as well as the follow up.

Christian Community Ministries provides training classes and job-readiness workshops to unemployed and underemployed residents of Ouachita Parish. Those who enroll in the classes or workshops are referred to an employment specialist for a face-to-face counseling session. The goal is to help the unemployed find a job. This is done in order to achieve the desired result. The non-profit even gives job opportunities to other human-services organizations and local government agencies to try to place people.

The agency recommends that residents first enroll in a job-readiness workshop. The Christian Ministry program offers a job club to help its clients with their employment search. The job club provides networking services to its members. The individuals attending the workshop will have access to a workforce-development resource room on site, as well as the ability to use the agency’s computers to search for jobs online.

Christian Community Ministries provides a placement service that includes compiling job postings from local employers every week and posting them in the training center. This service is designed to help those in the program find employment. The staff are working hard to help people in the community who are not employed enough. They do this by talking to them and finding out what their needs are.

Applying for help from Christian Community Ministries

The Christian Community Ministries charity helps people who are not as fortunate as others in the community. The faith-based group is located at 322 Harrison Street in Monroe, Louisiana. Call (318) 325-8467.

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