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Marion County Human Services public assistance.

Human Services of Marion County provides regional community action and public assistance to help those in need. The agency will provide food and other resources to residents of the county, including funds for back rent or paying heating bills. There are services available in Marion County for people who are disabled, unemployed, or seniors, such as veterans.

Help is provided for utility bills and weatherization measures

The Human Services Division offers assistance with energy and utility costs. They provide education on how to apply for LIHEAP and how to properly weatherize homes for low-income, eligible families. The service allows customers to make payments to their utility or energy account as needed.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program that helps low-income households with their energy bills. The program is administered by the states, and each state has its own guidelines for eligibility and how the program works. Some states have one program for all low-income households, while others have different programs for different types of households. You can get more information about your state’s program by contacting your state’s LIHEAP office.

The LIHEAP program is the largest of the six programs and provides cash grants to low income families in Salem Oregon and other towns to help pay for heating or utility bills. The program provides services for colder weather and/or winter months based on government funding levels.

Since there is only a limited amount of money available for the program, Marion County families who have a permanently disabled member, a young child, or a person who is 60 years of age or older, meet the requirements and criteria to be eligible for the program. If you need help from the government, you will get it based on how early you ask for it. There is currently help available throughout the county.

Home energy conservation services are provided in Marion County through a partnership between the Human Services Commission and the Housing Department. Assessments are made to determine the weatherization needs of each household and when needed, insulation of windows, floors and sealing heating ducts are performed. In order to qualify for this program, Marion County residents need to show that their total household income is at or below 60% of the state of Oregon’s Median Income.

Human Services Division offers energy education programs to help people learn about energy conservation. These programs are designed to help working poor households save energy and money on their utility bills. There are four different types of energy education available through Human Services.

This program is available to people who are low income. It provides a kit of energy saving devices along with education. This program provides financial assistance with bills, budgeting of funds, access to other non-profit community resources and referrals for eligible clients for possible weatherization of their homes.

The Residential Energy Assistance Challenge is a program that helps low-income residents of Marion County who own or rent a home. The program provides money to help with energy costs. This is only available to customers of EPUD. The assistance includes helping people to save energy and providing money to help pay for heating bills.

Employment resources in Marion County

The Workforce Services is a free service that helps people find jobs. The Marion County Job Assistance Program helps people find and keep jobs by providing resources and support. Many employers in Marion County participate in the program.

The Job Seeker Services program in Salem provides free career guidance to those looking for employment. The staff at WorkSource Marion can help you with your career planning, employment resources, interviewing skills and more.

Locate financial aid in Marion County

The Veterans Services Program has help a lot of veterans, their family members and survivors who live in Marion County. Case managers who work within this program are representatives who make sure veterans have access to and receive all entitlements provided by law.

There are many forms of public assistance available to service members, including but not limited to the following. The support offered helps with things such as filing for disability claims, obtaining military records, applying for Surviving Spouse Benefits or VA Health Care and Education Benefits. In addition to all of that, community action staff also arranges outreach appointments for those who are homebound or in residential facilities throughout Marion County.

There are programs available to help those who are currently homeless and at-risk, as well as low-income households. There are Community Service Centers in Salem and Marion County that can help people who are struggling to get out of poverty. These centers help people with everyday needs, preventing homelessness, and paying rent and energy bills. They also have access to other benefits and resources.

Hunger Relief is a resource that provides food to people who are at risk of being hungry or homeless. This program provides free food for Latinos who have difficulty speaking English.

The programs offered at Homeless Access Centers are available for families, single parents, homeless individuals, youth and survivors of domestic violence. The organization provides quick housing assistance, help with basic necessities, and connects people with local resources that serve low-income individuals and families.

The centers also offer other types of housing services. Public programs can help people who are homeless. These programs offer housing to people who are in need, including those who are transitioning from one housing situation to another, those who are experiencing an emergency, and those who need ongoing support. Those resources are available to disabled individuals and the elderly in Marion County as well.

Rapid-rehousing is a program offered by the Homeless Access Centers. The program provides housing for people who are homeless. The Human Services of Marion County provides rental and security deposit assistance to at-risk or homeless individuals and families, and may also provide support to prevent evictions in the first place. Human Services can help clients with finding a new affordable apartment to live in as well.

Runaways and homeless youth age 17 years and under are provided with emergency and family reconciliation resources, such as food and shelter, as deemed appropriate. There are also services that help individuals and families who are survivors of domestic violence. These services may include advocacy, counseling, and support groups.

The FMP provides parents with information and resources to help resolve domestic issues. This program can either be accessed by telephone or by coming in for a walk-in visit. Mediation and education classes are available to parents who are experiencing conflict. These classes aim to help parents resolve conflict and improve communication. There may be limited financial assistance available to help parents attend these classes. There are also other agencies and resources that can help with domestic relations matters.

The best number to call for referrals is 866-698-6155. If you need help with public benefits, in South Salem call 503-378-6327 or in North Salem dial 503-378-2731.

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