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Our Daily Bread assistance programs.

Our Daily Bread provides food, shelter, and other resources to people in need in northern Virginia and Fairfax County. The faith-based organization can help families in need by referring them to programs that can help them, as well as by providing programs of their own. Some services that may be available are assistance with food, rent, utilities, or even back to school supplies or clothing.

ODB is an organization that helps to give food to those in need. The program is called “Food Bridge.” This county resource will help impoverished residents become self-sufficient. Social workers help connect people who need assistance with food or who are at risk of hunger with programs that can help them. These programs typically provide food assistance or some other form of support for four to six months.

Emergency financial assistance may be available for people who are in a difficult or dangerous situation. The ODB pantry has non-perishable food as well as grocery gift cards or funds for certain bills. This means that people who live in Fairfax County can get gift cards to buy food that they might not be able to get otherwise. This includes things like fruits, vegetables, bread, meats, and dairy items.

The gift cards help clients manage their money so they can save money on groceries every month. Our Daily Bread delivers either food or free gift cards to dozens of the agency’s Food Bridge clients at least one day per week. The non-profit organization is always looking for volunteers and/or donations from the community to help with the program.

If you are struggling financially, you can go to ODB for assistance. The organization says that because there is not enough affordable housing in Fairfax County, people can become homeless if they have an unexpected medical emergency or car problem.

ODB provides money to help people who are in a difficult situation. There may be money available to help pay for rent or utility bills. The community donates money to keep this service running.

Our Daily Bread is an agency dedicated to helping people improve their financial literacy. They offer budgeting advice and guidance to help people make the most of their money. This program helps residents rebuild their credit and save money for the future.

The program not only offers classes on budgeting and credit, but also provides six-month-long financial mentoring sessions. ODB provides many opportunities for clients to access the financial literacy program, so they can choose when to use the service.

ODB partners with Collect for Kids of Fairfax County Virginia every year to manage the back to school program from June through August. The goal of this initiative is to make sure that kids from low-income families in northern Virginia have the tools and clothing they need to do well in school. The program is funded by Fairfax County Public Schools, Kids R First, the Fairfax County Office of Public and Private Partnerships, Apple Federal Credit Union, and many community-based organizations and businesses.

ODB oversees a Thanksgiving and Christmas program that distributes food and gifts to needy families during the holiday season. This service provides help to many local families and senior citizens. It lets them have fun on holidays. The success of this program relies heavily on the support of the community.

Project BRIDGE is an initiative that helps people in need by providing food, financial aid, budgeting, and holiday assistance. This organization provides assistance to low-income individuals and families in Fairfax County by pooling resources and offering personalized, adaptable services.

The BRIDGE project is designed to help people become financially independent and improve their career prospects. The project provides support and guidance on financial management and career development. The aim of the project is to help people who are receiving public assistance to move on and become self-sufficient. The program offers rewards for success, such as graduation bonuses.

This resource also encourages clients to enroll in the Workforce Incentive program, where they can receive up to $500 to put towards certain bills. The no interest loan can be used to pay for job development training or skill certification programs.

For more information about any of the services available, please contact Our Daily Bread. The office is located on the second floor of 4080 Chain Bridge Road.

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