Cincinnati assistance programs

There are several organizations in Cincinnati that can help with specific needs. There are many programs that help residents of Hamilton County and Clermont County.

This organization provides support to families in Cincinnati through various programs and services. There are services available to help with things like tutoring, job coaching, training, financial literacy classes, and having a long-term mentor. If you are unemployed and need food or clothing, there are places where you can go to get help. The number you have reached is not in service. Please check the number and dial again.

St. Vincent de Paul is a charity that helps with rent, utility bills, and other expenses. The pharmacy will help people who have lost their health insurance and can’t afford medicine and prescription drugs. If you need help paying your rent, you can call (513) 562-8841 to learn more about programs that can help you.

The Salvation Army is a group that helps with things like providing housing and emergency financial assistance, as well as programs to help with things like job training and child and elderly care. A new foreclosure assistance program was started in Cincinnati when social workers noted that dozens of people coming in for help had lost jobs and that they were now in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. Call 513-762-5600.

The Homelessness Prevention Program helps people with rent and mortgage payments so they don’t become homeless. While many of the applicants here may not be eligible for Homelessness Prevention, they may be eligible to receive help from the Salvation Army’s Emergency Assistance program.

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This organization provides food assistance as part of the Angel Food Ministries network. Ohio is providing families with a discount on food for one week to help offset the high cost of food. To contact the church, call (859) 261-4113.

The Cincinnati based partnership of churches may offer financial assistance to those in need. Rent Payment Assistance, Food Pantries, and possible funding for paying heating and utility bills are some of the services they provide.

Most often, it’s because they can’t afford their rent. But, there are organizations and agencies that can help. There are organizations that can help with housing costs if you are struggling to pay rent. Some agencies, churches, non-profits and programs in Cincinnati focus on offering help with rent to low-income people in order to prevent homelessness. There are many programs in Cincinnati that can help you with your rent. Counselors who are well trained can guide individuals through the process of applying for aid, and direct them to resources that can help them.

There are several agencies that work closely with the city to run these programs. If you are facing foreclosure in Cincinnati, there are resources available to help you stay in your home. The city offers a Foreclosure Prevention Program that provides counseling and assistance to residents who are at risk of losing their home. There are also a number of nonprofit organizations that offer foreclosure prevention services. You can find more information on these programs and how to get help by contacting the city’s Housing and Community Development Department.

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