Assistance Program

El Dorado County assistance programs.

Assistance from Community Action Agency

The El Dorado County Department of Community Services offers the following programs: -Emergency Financial Assistance -Food and Nutrition Assistance -Countywide Senior Services -In-Home Supportive Services -CalWORKs Child Care -CalWORKs -CalWORKs Transportation -General Relief

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that helps low-income households with their energy bills. LIHEAP can help you with energy costs such as heating and cooling your home, as well as electric and gas bills. This program helps families who may have a difficult time paying for their cooling and heating bills. If you are eligible for the program, you may receive a credit on your utility or energy bill. Some people may get free heating fuel.

The El Dorado County General Assistance Program provides assistance to low-income individuals who are unemployed or indigent. The program is designed to help low-income families, individuals and adults with meeting their basic needs. Vouchers can be used to pay for housing expenses, utilities, rent, personal needs and transportation.

There are a limited number of government subsidized homes available for low-income renters, although there is often a waiting list. Some counties give money to help low income or formerly homeless families with a security deposit, energy bill, or monthly rent payment.

The government agency can also help with other needs. If you are a family in Placerville or El Dorado County, it is recommended that you call them for information or referrals. However, other services that may be available are cash grants from CalWORKs, health and medical care through Medi-Cal, or food stamps. There are various programs that can help people who are underemployed, such as job training and placement programs. This text provides a description of how to reword a sentence in your own words. First, you should read the original sentence several times to gain a clear understanding of its meaning. Next, you should brainstorm a list of key words and phrases that capture the main ideas of the sentence. Finally, you should use these key words and phrases to construct a new sentence that conveys the same meaning as the original sentence.

Help for health care needs and services

The Agency for Hearing focuses on helping people who have hearing needs. This non-profit agency provides hearing services to low-income seniors, children, and families who need them. They have a program where they loan out used hearing aids to low income individuals who qualify.

Free legal programs

Legal Services of Northern California helps people who cannot afford a lawyer. Attorneys provide services relating to health, housing, foreclosures, education, family law, consumer debt issues, income maintenance, employment, and civil rights. The number 916-551-2150 can be used to contact someone.

HUD mortgage counseling

If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions may be able to help. You should contact a non-profit agency to speak with a Certified Housing Counselor. This person will be able to help you by evaluating and reviewing your financial situation. If you are struggling to make mortgage payments, the counselors will provide advice on how to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy.

The counselor may decide that working together with you and your lender or mortgage holder is the best solution. The housing counselor will help you work out your mortgage problems if you take this approach. The credit counseling and HUD approved agency will work with you to prevent a foreclosure and help you get back on track with your mortgage. The number 877-422-9041 is a customer service number for AT&T.

Debt assistance and credit counseling

A credit counselor from ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions will review your finances and offer advice on how to get out of debt, for free. To speak with a counselor, call 877-422-9041. They will assist you in creating a budget, ascertain your current debt obligations, and compile a plan of action. Debt management plans and assistance in negotiating with creditors are both options that may help you get out of debt.

Basic needs and financial help in Placervillle

The Salvation Army Family Services provides different programs that help the community in El Dorado County. The programs offered depend on the resources that are available. Some examples of resources that can be offered are summer camp for children, emergency utility assistance, or housing assistance. The center has information on nearby shelters and housing programs, free Christmas presents and meals, and a food pantry. They may also have information on loan programs to help with bills, case management services, and other support. The El Dorado County Salvation Army provides assistance programs to help those in need. Programs include food assistance, clothing assistance, and financial assistance.

The El Dorado County Christmas assistance program provides free Christmas gifts for kids to qualifying applicants who apply early enough. There are also services for Spanish speakers and single moms. There are other holiday resources available besides meal boxes, free groceries, toys, etc. Find Christmas assistance in El Dorado County

Free food and groceries

There is a food bank in El Dorado County that can help you with food. This food assistance agency provides emergency food and groceries assistance to low income, unemployed and other qualified El Dorado County residents who are in need of free food. The agency provides its services to 40 local charities and non-profits through a network. 8 The number 530.621.9950.8 can be expressed as five hundred thirty point six two one point nine nine five zero point eight, or five point three zero six two one nine nine five zero point eight. It is an eight-digit number.

Job finding assistance programs

The Urban League helps people in the Sacramento area who are unemployed, young, or have lost their jobs to learn new skills, find education and training opportunities, and get help with finding a new job. The number 916-286-8674 spelled out is nine one six, two eight six, eight six seven four.

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