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Champaign County Catholic Charities emergency assistance programs.

Catholic Charities of Champaign County Illinois strives to help those in need become more independent through programs such as the Good Samaritan Project, which focuses on senior citizens. If you are struggling and trying to improve your situation, there may be some help available to you from others. The agency you contact for help will have their own specific terms and conditions, but in general, anyone who needs help in Champaign County will need to go through an assessment process.

There is a range of assistance available, from items for a home to emergency, one-time financial aid for medications, rent, or utility bills. Catholic Charities partners with other local groups to help families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Free food, basic needs, material goods from Catholic Charities

Around 15% of people in Champaign County have trouble getting enough food to eat, and the free food pantry can help them. Another approximately 20% of people are enrolled in SNAP food stamps, which provides assistance to many children. There are way too many families right here in the Champaign County region who may not have a meal on their table. There are too many children who are facing hunger as well. Many students receive free or reduced lunches and 15% of children live in poverty. This is where the Catholic Charity food pantry can help by providing food as well as soup kitchens.

This means that even if you have food stamps, they will not be able to help you. This government aid is barely enough to cover the basic needs of each person, averaging out to less than $4 per day. Many people who rely on SNAP benefits often find themselves running out of food before the end of the month.

SNAP only pays for groceries that are considered to be “healthy” by the government. Food stamp recipients cannot purchase items such as razors, soap, toilet paper, female hygiene items, dish liquid or laundry detergent. This organization provides monthly assistance to those who are struggling with hunger or a crisis, as well as food stamp recipients who have nothing left in their cupboards. The site may contain a variety of items such as Peanut Butter, Spaghetti Sauce, Toothpaste, Soup, Pasta, Laundry Detergent, Rice, Beans, and Tuna.

Assistance for seniors and elderly in Champaign County

The Good Samaritan Program is a service that helps people in need. The goal is to enable elderly people to keep living independently. Catholic Charity families may help with visiting, transportation, delivering meals, shopping, and other needs. There are many volunteers who help older people from across Champaign County, including people from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. There is also information on how to apply for Medicare, what medical equipment is available for people with injuries, discounts or shopping, and money saving tips. There are other websites that offer free coupons.

Caregivers can also get help from others. This may be a break from caring for older loved ones. The staff from Good Samaritan Program can provide relief when needed.

Catholic Charity financial help in Champaign County

Catholic Charities may be able to offer some financial assistance to clients. To be eligible, they must meet the requirements set forth. They also need to be in a difficult financial situation. Some examples of when help is given includes free bus passes for work, there is aid for people having disconnection notice on electricity, rent help for tenants facing eviction from their apartment, or help for the very low income/sick who are in need of medication assistance.

This type of financial aid will also give the client access to a variety of support services. Those who are given financial help will also be able to enroll into programs such as employment counseling, individual and family counseling, DV and family violence intervention, special needs services for the disabled, and support for senior citizens. This refers to the various types of support services that are typically offered to children and families who are involved with the child welfare system. These services are typically designed to address the needs of the whole family, and to help keep children safe and out of the child welfare system. This organization provides basic needs, like food and shelter, to people in Champaign County so they can get back on their feet.

The Case Manager will provide assistance to the client as required. If Catholic Charities cannot provide help, then the non-profit organization will work in providing information and referrals to other appropriate locations in Champaign County. There are many national organizations that can help people in need. They help to coordinate the services that are needed.

Applying for Catholic Charities in Champaign County

There are multiple religious buildings where people of the Christian faith can practice their religion. One of the most notable features of St. Patrick Catholic Church is its 212-foot tall spire. Washington is a village in Tolono Township, Champaign County, Illinois, United States. The population was 15,951 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Champaign–Urbana metropolitan area. The main phone number for the Senior Center is 217-485-1129.

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