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City of Aurora Colorado water bill assistance.

If you live in Aurora and are struggling to pay your water or sewer bill, there is help available. There are a few programs that can help you in the short term. There are two main options for financial assistance in the city: Water Cares assistance programs and emergency, one-time grant-based aid from charities or non-profits. Most of the financial aid is for homeowners, but some renters may be eligible for aid on a case-by-case basis.

Water Cares assistance program – AWC

The city and water and wastewater companies offer a direct service to residents. This program relies on donations from the community in order to function. Families or individuals are able to contribute to the program on a one-time basis. Low-income residents of Aurora County can only apply for assistance once per year, and they will only receive around $100, if funding is available. Donations can be made on a monthly basis or in person at the Aurora Municipal Center Cashier’s Office. This means that you can deduct the amount of money you donate to a charity from your taxes.

The funds collected are for customers who are in need of financial assistance. They may be having a tough time because they lost their job or had their hours reduced. It’s possible that they’re behind on their water bills because of an illness, death, or divorce of a primary breadwinner, or other unanticipated expenses. The donations from Water Cares go towards helping a family pay a small amount of their water or wastewater bill, and it can help them keep their service on.

Aurora Water Cares is a program that works with other local non-profits and human service offices to help the community. This means that if your income is less than 165 percent of the poverty level, as set by the federal government, you may be eligible for assistance. To apply for water and sewer bill assistance, dial 833.559.2837 and either a customer service member will assist or referrals will be given to a local intake site.

Charities in city of Aurora

There are other options available in addition to the AWC (Aurora Water Cares) program. Despite being widely available, it is maybe the most difficult to find. While people who have low incomes, are seniors, are poor, or are in other difficult situations can get help from social service agencies or charities, it is not as easy to find help with water bills.

One option is the Spirit of Aurora which is a plane that has special features for those with Aurora. This non-profit organization not only collects donations to help pay for the AWC water bill program, but they can also refer those in need to other resources. This is a regional relief agency that provides food, job programs, and money to pay water bills. They may also have suggestions on how to pay sewer costs.

The Salvation Army is a leading charity that helps people in need. They offer many services such as food, clothing, and shelter. They also help people with addiction and mental health issues. If you need help, please contact the Salvation Army. This is a charity that offers many programs to help people in need. One-time cash grants may be available to help pay for emergency utility bills. This may include water costs as well, but it will not be a priority. The Salvation Army can often help with other needs that the working poor and vulnerable have, so they are a good resource to know about. More information on the Salvation Army in Aurora can be found here.

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