Housing and utility bill help from Almost Home.

Almost Home may provide a limited amount of financial assistance to income qualified families in Weld or Adams County. The amount of money available is not very large, but it may be enough to cover overdue rent, electricity bills, or other expenses. Please call ahead to check if the item you want is in stock. The Colorado based non-profit can provide emergency shelter and short term transitional housing units.

This means that most of the resources available are only for a limited number of people in specific situations. In almost all cases, the person applying for assistance must have some form of income and be able to support themselves in other ways. If someone has a one-time financial crisis, there may be funds available to help them pay their rent, so they don’t get evicted. This means that your past utility bills will also be used to calculate your average monthly spending.

Almost Home has a lot of rules and regulations. In order to qualify for this program, the individual must be a resident of Adams County and have a legal residency in the county. You will need to provide proof of your income, expenses, and assets to them. Some financial aid may be available in Weld County, but it will be limited.

The money is meant to be used only as a last resort. If you need help with utility bills in Adams County, you should first look into federal programs like LEAP. Additionally, other sources of help, such as charities, government benefits, and faith-based organizations, should also be contacted. If there are no other options, Almost home may be used.

The dollar amount of the fund will be small. If the person or family is too far behind in payments, Almost Home may not be able or willing to provide support. The client needs to have a good history of being financially responsible, having a source of income, and being able to support themselves.

Almost Home provides a place to stay for people who are homeless or about to be homeless. They also have a program to help people transition to a new home. This is for Adams county residents that fit all the requirements and terms. The focus of this study is on individuals who have some form of income and/or transportation.

A main goal of the shelter is to provide individuals the opportunity to establish stability. The person can have a place to stay and work to earn money during that time. Other support and guidance will be provided, along with case management and self-sufficiency. Each family who stay will be asked to participate in workshops and classes, case management and show signs that they are able to be independent again.

There are places to live for people with low incomes at Hughes Station. This was created by Almost Home, a local organization in Brighton, Colorado. This means that although the tenant is still responsible for paying rent, the amount has been reduced to make it more affordable. Additionally, residents of the apartments will have access to opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that will be beneficial when buying a home and in other aspects of life.

The apartments have a number of features, such as washer and dryer hookups, entries, patios, and living rooms. The units are roomy and provide families with a variety of living arrangements to choose from. This means that there may not be enough spots available for everyone who wants to join, so some people may have to wait until there is an opening.

For more information or referrals, Almost Home is located at 231 N Main St., Brighton, Colorado 80601 and can be called at 303.659-6199.

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