City of Lubbock Community Action programs.

The City of Lubbock Community Action Agency offers some services directly, but they also provide referrals to non-profit partners. This is beneficial because the non-profit partners can offer a wider range of services. The city of San Antonio offers services to help with home repairs through the HEEELP program and provides grants to organizations such as Family Promise to help with emergency expenses. More information about their resources is available below.

HEEELP offers home repairs and energy efficiency updates. This is only for low to moderate income families in Lubbock who qualify for this based on their income. It can offer some repairs to the outside. Approved repairs include roofs, heat and cooling systems, sidewalks and driveways, fences, water heaters, painting of the home, windows and doors, fill in dilapidated cellars & basements, and adding extra insulation. The Inspector may have additional recommendations for other ways to make your home more energy efficient. If so, you may want to make those updates as well.

This program is not free. Homeowners will be able to take out a low interest loan to help pay for renovations or updates to their homes. This service provides a way for the Community Action Agency to generate revenue. The money raised will be used to improve the program so that it can help even more people in the community, including the elderly.

The Emergency Solutions Grant is offered by organizations that work with the city to help families in need, including Family Promise and the Salvation Army. Both of these organizations work to prevent homelessness in Lubbock, provide housing for those who are homeless, and help families get back on their feet. The goal is to help them move back into permanent housing by providing a range of services.

The operation of local shelters can be paid for by the federal government and the Emergency Solutions Grant program. The websites will provide users with the ability to search for jobs, take care of everyday tasks, and even complete chores such as laundry. Free meals, clothing, and other basic needs may be offered by Family Promise and local churches to families in need.

Other aid that the grant can provide to low income families in Lubbock Texas include _____. Clients can access services designed to prevent homelessness, such as rapid re-housing and outreach services. The grants can help cover some of the costs of rent and utilities. There may also be services to help with relocating and stabilizing, which can include money to pay for a security deposit or first month’s rent.

There is more information available. If you need assistance with rent or utilities, please contact the Salvation Army at 806-765-9434 for information on the Emergency Solutions Grant. This is a yearly program that is funded, and the money for it runs out quickly sometimes in a single year.

If you are a low-income homeowner in a specific area, you may be able to get help with emergency repairs from the City of Lubbock Community Action Agency. The city may help pay for, or issue loans for, some or all of the following things.

The repairs that may be available include electrical systems, waterlines, gas or sewer lines/private water disposal, water heaters, heaters (seasonal), furnaces, and other health and safety issues. A referral is needed from the Housing Inspectors or other City Departments in order to proceed with this request. This means that the zoning regulations may be different for different types of housing, such as single family homes, condos, mobile units, and other sites. The Community Action Agency is focused on protecting the health and safety of the community.

Other than these repairs, every other resource is used and every other City department is utilized for assistance. Many grants issued by the government are for $2500 or less to help with home repairs.

Lubbock offers a service called Women’s Protective Services. This organization provides services to help people who have been abused, both men and women, as well as children. This aid also goes to single parents or mothers. The Emergency Solutions Grant provides funding for case management and referrals to assistance programs in the city. These programs include free health care, transportation, job readiness, job placement, mentoring, education, and others. The phone number is 806-748-5292.

If you have a low income and a family member who is disabled, you may be able to get help from Barrier Free. This will help families get and pay for handicap accessible items within single-family structures. This could mean making doors wider, building or installing wheelchair ramps, grab bars, handicap toilets, accessible showers, or sinks and faucets.

The City of Lubbock Community Action Agency can help you with information or referrals to non-profits or public benefits. You can reach them at 211.

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