Assistance Program

City of Newberry assistance programs.

Newberry Utility Bill Assistance Program

This program has given money to help pay for families in Newberry. The City of Newberry has a program to help low-income residents pay their energy bills. The city has a program that provides more information about the city. The Central Florida Community Action Agency is another option that can help low-income residents with their utility bills. Please call 352-472-2161. This agency provides help with utility bills for low-income families.

The city of Newberry, Florida created this assistance program to help residents who were experiencing excessively high utility bills. Some families have been sent bills that are as high as $900 for a single month. This issue was caused by the utility company’s poor management. In addition to the cash grants being provided, the Newberry City Commission has also provided residents a discount on their utility bills by charging 10 percent less than the average monthly bill. For more information, please contact the city.

Social services and general assistance

This means that Newberry Florida is also a part of the Alachua County/Newberry Social Services program. A variety of programs and resources are available to eligible low-income residents of the city. This organization provides a variety of resources to people in need, including emergency housing and rent assistance, and health care such as hearing aids and vision. If you cannot afford your medication, there are programs that may be able to help you pay for them. If you want more information, you can either call the number provided or read the details below.

The resources administered include health care assistance, which is the same as primary and specialty care services. The Family Practice Medical Group offers these services. Some prescription assistance may be available, but it may be limited. If you qualify, you will have to pay $5.00 for each prescription, and you can have a maximum of 10 prescriptions per month. This plan is not available to people who are on Florida Medicaid. This means that Newberry seniors who are on the Medicare Part D prescription program are not eligible for the prescription assistance program. Other medical care includes services to diagnose medical conditions, limited medical supplies, as well as examinations and eyeglasses for vision.

Some of the financial support that is part of social services includes things like food stamps, housing assistance, and money for things like healthcare and child care. You can apply for help with rent, mortgage, and utility bills once every two years. You need to have a hardship situation to apply, and your loss of income or unexpected expense should not be from something you did.

The city will pay for funeral costs for people who cannot afford it. The city may provide bus passes to those who need transportation for employment or medical reasons. Newberry Social Services may be able to reduce or eliminate the solid waste assessment fee which is on a homeowner’s annual property taxes. In addition to the social assistance programs provided by the federal government and the state of Florida, social workers who are employed by the city or county can provide information and referrals to these programs. The phone number is (352) 264-6750.

The Newberry Salvation Army can help people with their utility bills once per year. They also work with other programs that help pay for energy bills in Florida. Other programs in Newberry include free food, clothing, and housing services as well as support for low income individuals. A homeless shelter is available on site.

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