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Clayton County Georgia Salvation Army assistance programs.

Families who are experiencing a difficult time can get assistance from the Salvation Army in Clayton County, Georgia. The non-profit can help with things like food and money for bills from Project Share and other places. The case managers from the agency will also help the client become more independent and provide referrals and other forms of support. The Salvation Army provides assistance to vulnerable groups such as seniors, low-income children, the disabled, and those experiencing a one-time crisis.

Project Share is available in Clayton County and many other regions. This program provides temporary financial assistance to eligible households for the payment of their utility bills. One way to help with natural gas and electricity bills is to use primary resources. The Salvation Army has teamed up with energy companies in order to provide this service to people all over the state, in order to prevent them from being disconnected.

Project Share provides aid for people who are experiencing a one-time crisis. There may be some instances in which you can use funds for expenses that are not related to utility bills, which could include rent or housing costs. The program is only able to help a small number of people because it relies on donations from around the state.

Making sure things are stable and that people can take care of themselves is always a priority. The Salvation Army does not want to simply give people what they need, but rather help them address the causes of their hardship. Case managers will work with individuals to help them overcome the difficulties they are facing. This can include helping people manage their money and connect with programs that can help them learn new job skills. In some cases, job seekers may be given free work clothes, suits, or dresses. The company may provide a free gasoline voucher for the ride to an interview.

Housing is addressed in a few different ways at the local level. There will be very few funds available to pay rent. This means that while it’s not common, it is possible for Clayton County residents to experience this. Other services offered by the Salvation Army include emergency shelters, transitional housing, and referrals to permanent, low income homes or apartments. If you are homeless, or struggling to pay your rent, talking to a case worker can help you get your life back on track.

If you are struggling with housing, you will likely be enrolled in workshops to help you become more independent. The Salvation Army will help coordinate education and financial literacy programs in Clayton County. This will include classes such as ESL or GED training, as well as teaching people how to budget and repair their credit. The goal is for the product to be stable and supported for a long time.

Many food pantries across the country provide free food to those in need. The food assistance will cover everything from groceries to perishable items. Some people, such as single parents, may even qualify for formula. The food from the pantry is usually combined with clothes from the closet to provide essential items for work or school.

The thrift stores in Clayton County are available to everyone. You can buy furniture, household items, clothes and more that are gently used. The money raised goes towards funding the programs at the center. Donations are given to the store, and volunteers from Jonesboro, Georgia and other towns help keep the store running.

For those in need, help is available during the holidays. The Salvation Army will raise funds from programs such as Red Kettle during October to December. The goal is to make sure that people who can’t afford things have more opportunities to get help, especially around holidays. This time of year is especially difficult for Clayton County families who are struggling to pay higher utility/heating bills and keep up with holiday demands. This is due to the decrease in income of hourly workers from companies shutting down during this time.

The programs at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are mostly funded by donations, with a large portion coming from the Angel Tree program. Because of this, children might get a free toy or seniors a hot meal. If you are able to, please donate to a non-profit or your local center. Some of the main users of the Salvation Army in Clayton during the holidays are the homeless and working poor.

Phone number to apply to Clayton County Salvation Army resources

Other services in Clayton may include help during times of disaster, like a fire, guidance for job seekers, and more. The main center is located at 130 Spring St, Jonesboro, Georgia, 30236. You can reach the non-profit by calling (770) 603-6258.

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