Columbia County assistance programs.

Emergency and crisis financial assistance

The Central Wisconsin Community Action Agency helps families who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. They provide one-time financial assistance and crisis support. Applications for the program are currently being looked at and approved based on a number of different things, like how much money is available (which is limited), if the crisis can be positively resolved, and other things that could make someone ineligible. The Portage Wisconsin agency can be contacted at (608) 742-3320, or more information can be found on their website.

CWCAC is a non-profit that helps people become self-sufficient through education and job training. The organization is committed to helping the less fortunate, such as those who are hungry or homeless. There are other programs in Wisconsin that can help with mortgages. Can you please clarify what you need me to do?

St. Vincent Depaul of Portage may offer a limited amount of financial assistance to low-income families or individuals who need help to cover emergency expenses. The money that the non-profit charity has goes to people who struggle to pay for their rent and have a low income. Furthermore, help may be attainable for things such as utility bills (disconnection proof will be needed), emergency motel room vouchers, medical bills, telephone bills in cases of medical emergency, prescriptions, bus fare for people stranded in the area, and gasoline money for people who need to get to an emergency medical appointment. Other resources offered include a place to get food, clothing, a place to get cheap items, and more. The number 608-742-5513 is a phone number.

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There is another place you can go. St. Vincent Depaul of Columbus is a nonprofit organization. St. Vincent Depaul of Columbus is a nonprofit organization that helps people in need. Call the number (920) 623-2004.

The Salvation Army in Columbia County will only provide assistance to individuals once in their lifetime. The Salvation Army may be able to provide vouchers for low-income individuals and elderly who need to meet emergency needs and are facing a hardship. There is not a lot of money available for people who need help, and it is given out depending on each person’s individual situation. The vouchers offered by this organization are meant to provide emergency assistance with rent payments, motel stays, utility bills, prescription costs, bus tickets, gas money, and food. This is a phone number.

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