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Community Services and Employment Training (CSET) assistance program

CSET, also known as Community Services and Employment Training, provides families living in or near poverty with many resources. There is financial aid available from sources such as the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, weatherization support, and support for seniors. A list of the Community Action Agency’s services is provided below.

Financial help from Tulare County Community Action Agency

The Family Crisis Team is a group that helps people who are struggling financially and who live in communities where people don’t have many resources. The non-profit tries to provide different types of services and financial help to these families so they can become more stable.

If you are a tenant, homeowner, or homeless person who is facing a housing or food related emergency, you may be eligible for emergency food and shelter. The Community Services and Employment Training program offers financial assistance with rent payments, water or utility bills, first month’s rent, and mortgage expenses to those who meet eligibility requirements. This project is funded by the government, and any financial aid is given only once. In some cases, CSET will offer more support for people who are in a difficult situation. If you are a low-income family in California, you may be eligible for free food from a food pantry. To find a food pantry near you, visit the website of the California Association of Food Banks.

The CSET organization also collaborates with the Community of Cutler Orosi and the Weed and Seed Program. Together, they work on the Family Triage Program. The program will assist families and young people in Tulare County by giving them direction as they make choices that will affect their lives for a long time. The resource will help with social services, assessment, financial counseling, workforce development, and mentorship for youth.

The VITA program is a government-funded program that provides free tax assistance to low- and moderate-income taxpayers. The CSET organization provides free tax return preparation and electronic filing services to low and moderate-income taxpayers, senior citizens, and others who may need assistance with their taxes. This is made possible through the use of grants from various sources. Each year, CSET partners with the County of Tulare, the IRS, and local non-profits to recruit and train a dedicated team of volunteer tax preparers. This team offers the service each year to help the community. This program is sponsored by Best Buy, AT&T, Bank of the West, PG&E, the Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District, and Bank of the Sierra.

If you file your taxes electronically, you can get your refund in as little as ten days if you have direct deposit. The VIT program is free for households whose yearly income is below $80,000.

Help for seniors from CSET

The Community Services and Employment Training also has several Senior Centers. This company is based out of six different cities in California: Earlimart, Exeter, Goshen, Cutler, Lindsay, and Porterville. Non-profit locations serve adults who are 60 years old or older.

The centers give old people and their husbands or wives a place to hang out and talk with other people their age. The people in the shelter also get free food and are able to eat nutritious meals together. They can also participate in special programs, take classes, or play games together. There is also information on financial aid programs for medical expenses, disability equipment, and applications for Health Insurance Counseling.

The CSET senior cent also offers home-delivered meals to ensure that seniors who are homebound and unable to prepare food due to infirmity, illness or recent hospitalization have access to adequate nutrition. Meal delivery is available for seniors and their spouses who live in Tulare County and cannot leave their homes.

Energy and weatherization programs from Community Services and Employment Training Community Action

The home weatherization services are provided to the clients in partnership with Sequoia Community Corps. The energy bill savings program is for people who meet income guidelines and receive a priority designation. This program is designed to help those who need it most. To apply, you will need to submit your most recent gas, electric or propane bill, your Social Security Card, and proof of income for the last four weeks for all household members.

The weatherization work is supervised by CSET’s contractors, which benefits the local community and job market. Program participants will receive on-the-job training and develop skills that will be useful to them in their future careers.

The contractors will provide the following updates for your home. There are several ways to save money on utility bills, including installing weather stripping on exterior doors, water heater blankets and water restrictors, repairing or replacing furnaces, and low-flow showerheads. Gas appliance repair or replacement, including free air conditioners may be provided.

Many home buyer programs in Tulare county require that participants attend a home-buyer class in order to become prepared and meet eligibility requirements for any form of financial assistance. Buying a home is a big responsibility, but it’s also a big opportunity.

CSET offers a free First-Time Homebuyer Education class to help people through the home buying process. The class provides information on all aspects of buying a home. Homebuyers go over the different loan and homebuying programs available to them and what they need to do to prepare for each one. The workshops will provide information on topics such as choosing a home, working with a realtor, finding a lender, applying for home loan assistance programs, understanding the responsibilities of the California homeownership assistance program, saving for a down payment, and other important topics. There are also services that can help with housing, transportation, and basic needs.

CSET employment and educational services in Tulare County

There are many ways to escape poverty in Central Valley California, and one of them is having a good education and a good paying job. The CSET Families Improving Education Initiative is designed to help parents and the underemployed become better prepared. The toll provides clients with the tools they need to support their children in school and ensure their success in the future.

The Community Services and Employment Training Initiative provides support in many ways. It offers training and employment opportunities to those in need, and helps to connect them with resources in their community. There will be free workshops and opportunities for parents to learn the skills they need to work with schools. The goal is to be able to teach other parents and students about creating positive change through community campaigning.

The CSET’s Welfare-to-Work Program helps people who receive Cash Aid in California by providing information on public aid, social services, and other support. The client of the non-profit will receive help as they look for and keep a stable job. This will help them become independent and self-reliant.

The process begins with an intensive week of job-readiness training, during which career coaches and job developers help participants to be ready for a job. The program will teach them how to make resumes and cover letters, how to be better at interviews, how to look for jobs online, how to act in a work setting, and more. The next part of the program is designed to help you get ready for work, remove any obstacles to employment and look for a job. The staff at CSET is always willing to help with whatever you need.

The Community Services and Employment Training Program is part of the America’s Job Center of California. This program provides services and training to help people find employment. There are three locations, Tulare, Visalia, and Porterville. The Employment Connection Centers offer various services such as job development, short-term vocational training, career coaching, and job-readiness workshops. There are many ways to make money in Tulare County, from taking online surveys to working as an online juror.

The staff and volunteers of CSET help people in Tulare County who are looking for jobs. They provide assistance with things like job applications and resume building. If you need help getting work clothes or gas for an interview, let us know and we will try to provide it for you. The Employment Connection is a great resource for businesses to find qualified job-seekers.

The CSET Employment Connection offers services that are personalized to each individual. These services include, but are not limited to, the following. This means creating a series of smaller goals that will eventually lead to the completion of the larger goal. – The On-Site Services can help you with things like getting unemployment insurance information, tips on how to do well in interviews and make a good first impression, tips on creating professional resumes and posting them online, and support if you need to retrain for a new career.

Computer labs and computer training are also available. Clients can learn how to use a new computer language. There are also opportunities to improve typing speed, gain work experience, learn business writing, and access occupational skills and on-the-job training. The training will also cover Microsoft Office applications.

Contact information for CSET Community Action Agency

The CSET community services and employment training program is based in Visalia, California. To get information, call 559-732-4194.

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