Cortland County Salvation Army and social service programs.

The Salvation Army is operating a thrift store in Cortland County. The center provides an opportunity for people to donate to it in order to give back to the community. Families who are low income can also shop there for goods. The Salvation Army also provides other assistance programs such as financial aid, Christmas toys or gifts, help with rent, free winter clothes, etc.

The main source of income for the thrift store is donations. This is the first line of defense. This second-hand store not only sells goods, but also allows the non-profit to raise money. The store in Cortland County needs volunteers to help it stay open, and donations to keep it stocked with supplies.

The Family Store is a clothing store that sells items such as boots, hats, suits, dresses, and ties. There are many different types of household items that people use in their homes, such as furniture, appliances, bedding, and more. Some items that are old and considered to be valuable may be sold at the thrift store, such as records, CDs, and other items. The Salvation Army has less common items such as electronics, TV, dishwashers, refrigerators, and more. The items for sale are low cost and have been used before.

In a crisis, families that have a very low income may be given vouchers that they can use to get free items. This usually happens when something bad happens to someone’s home, like a flood or fire. Some companies offer vouchers that can be used for emergency expenses. If you are a new, single mom in Cortland, you may be able to borrow a wheelchair, crutches, or car seats from the Salvation Army. This means that the items being stocked must be available in order for the store to remain open.

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Other stores like the thrift store will have seasonal programs and other basic needs. This is also a program where you can donate money. Most of the support is for children from families with very low incomes or who are in poverty. If you are a senior citizen, there are also programs and services to help you. The Cortland Salvation Army offers help during the holidays with Christmas toys, gifts, and presents, Thanksgiving and Easter meals for the homeless and low income, and free school supplies. The community can also help through Adopt a Family, where businesses or individuals buy gifts, toys, holiday food baskets, and more for needy families. The Salvation Army also operates a food pantry and has winter clothes and coats available during the colder months. There is an abundance of free winter clothing available.

The money raised in the Cortland County Salvation Army Red Kettle is used to help those in need. The Salvation Army’s holiday fundraising campaign runs in November and December and helps fund the Salvation Army’s work throughout the year. If enough money is raised, it not only helps pay the operational costs of the charity, but also helps pay bills in an emergency. The center may help with expenses related to housing, such as rent or utilities. Other bills that may need to be paid in a time of crisis include gas money for work, prescriptions, heating oil, and more. There is not a lot of financial help available.

Services for seniors are available. This will help those who are lonely or elderly and are going through more difficult periods. The Salvation Army can provide them with a hot meal, or visit them at their home or in a case facility. People with mental and physical disabilities can get help to develop their abilities. This will help people to receive the care and support that they need. There are also services that can help with transportation, financial aid, and referrals to medical clinics.

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Cortland Salvation Army can help people get out of poverty by providing case management and employment assistance. The staff will allow the use of a computer in order to help you find a job or research companies. They may also provide appropriate clothing for the interview, or transportation to the job site.

The thrift store is located at 138 Main St, Cortland, NY 13045. This is where the Salvation Army’s other social services are also based. The phone number is (607) 753-9363.

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