Craighead County emergency food banks and pantries.

There are several food pantries in Craighead County that residents can go to for help. The daycare centers are usually run by non-profit organizations or charities, such as local churches. The distribution centers will do their best to pay out or serve across the county including the cities of Jonesboro and Lake City.

Different programs are designed to meet the needs of different clients. Some services that are available for senior citizens in Craighead County are low cost congregate meals or free home-delivered meals. Some food banks may have items available for new mothers and infants, such as free baby formula or diapers. There may also be assistance available for other holidays, like Christmas, that include meals, gifts, or food baskets.

While it is not as common, some pantries may also have financial aid or vouchers that can be used to acquire food. This is not as common though, and more likely referrals will be given. This means that instead of giving a direct answer, the speaker is more likely to give a suggestion of where to find the answer.

The Bay United Methodist Church has a food pantry available for low-income families. The address is 300 Central Avenue in Bay, Arkansas, and the phone number is (870) 781-3262. There is free food, clothes, and other help available.

The Black Oak New Hope Baptist Food Pantry is located at 110 South Main Street in Black Oak, Arkansas.

The New Antioch Baptist Church provides assistance to residents of Craighead County through a variety of services. The main phone number for the church is (870) 972-0339.

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The Crowley’s Ridge Development Council is a community action agency that helps with development in the region. The main address is 2401 Fox Meadow Lane in Jonesboro, AR, and the main phone number is (870) 802-7100. You can learn about applying for food stamps or other government assistance through SNAP. Housing, energy bill assistance, and more is offered. The non-profit also operates a service that delivers meals to the elderly.

This is the address and phone number for the First Baptist Church Care Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The Care Center provides help and resources for those in need, and offers programs such as Celebrate Recovery. For more information, you can call the number provided.

The Helping Neighbors Food Pantry has two locations. The first address is 801 West Huntington in Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404. They have a main phone number of (870) 935-7298 and a second location at 900 West Monroe, Jonesboro, AR 72403. There are grocery items that do not go bad and case managers can help with the food stamp sign-up process.

The Highland Drive Baptist Church is located at 515 East Highland Drive in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The church can be contacted by phone at (870) 932-2197.

The Salvation Army of Jonesboro is a social service organization that provides assistance to those in need. The organization is located at 800 Cate Avenue in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and can be reached by phone at (870) 932-3785. A food pantry can be used in an emergency. The non-profit also helps out with Christmas by having an Angel Tree toy program, giving out financial aid for rent or bills, and passing out holiday meals. They support Craighead County as a whole.

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First Baptist Church has a food pantry that helps less fortunate people. The address is 700 4th Street, Lake City, Arkansas 72437. The phone number is (870) 237-9935. There may be food, snacks, and clothes for people who need them.

There are other places where food is distributed. To get referrals, call 870.932.3663. If you are a low-income family, you may be eligible for assistance from a soup kitchen, food bank, or other public aid program. People can learn how to volunteer at locations such as hospitals, schools, or nursing homes.

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