Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit programs.

The Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit is focused on helping families with children, single moms or dads, the disabled, or households with minors. The government-backed agency deals with housing issues. The reactive approach is when you wait for someone to become homeless and then you help them. The pro-active approach is when you help people who are close to eviction or foreclosure so they don’t become homeless.

The case managers can help connect people in need of emergency shelter to the resources they need. The center will provide a place for homeless people to sleep in the Hastings, Minnesota region. The Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit will also provide assistance with other needs that the client may have. The shelter may provide basic medical care, enroll the guest in mental health services, or provide substance abuse counseling if necessary. There will also be opportunities for homeless individuals to receive an education, enroll in Head Start, and receive job training.

When leaving the shelter site in Dakota County, clients can access the on-site Services that will help them find housing. There is help available for people who are struggling, such as Community Case Management or placement into Permanent or Transitional Supportive Housing. This is stressed because a shelter is only a short-term solution; long-term placement needs to take place.

The Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit helps homeless individuals and families secure permanent housing as quickly as possible through its federal government backed Rapid Rehousing Program. This means that the program is geared towards helping residents who have children. The program is not available to everyone, as it is only for those who are homeless due to certain circumstances. The purpose of the rapid rehousing program is to help families in Dakota County who don’t have many barriers to housing to move into a new home or apartment.

If you need to move, we can help you find a new place and get settled in. People who are staying at the local emergency shelter may be able to get help with paying a security deposit. Residents who move into permanent housing will receive case management services for a limited time.

The homeowner will meet with a specialist to get help with the Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit foreclosure. A proposal is created based on these efforts and is then shown to the lender’s lawyer. The service will help Hastings Minnesota residents who are at risk of losing their current housing to a foreclosure diversion program or a sheriff’s sale. The cost of the service will be minimal. The Court of Common Pleas can help you with a civil action.

A counselor from Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit helps the homeowner get ready for a Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Conference that will happen in civil court. This usually includes the bank, the lender’s lawyer, and the person who is getting the loan, who will bring their free lawyer representing the person who owns the home.

There will be a comprehensive review of loan documents during this session. The proposal will involve exploring options for bringing the mortgage current, such as requesting a loan modification, mediation, and proposing a plan for repayment.

If someone doesn’t pay their heating or energy bills, they can be evicted. In cases where people are facing homelessness, staff from the Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit will help connect them with the winter crisis portion of the Low-Income-Home-Energy Assistance Program (EAP). This program provides financial assistance to low-income households to help with heating costs. If you need help with your utilities, you must make an appointment unless you are a resident who already does not have service. In that case, you may qualify for emergency help. When the enrollment period starts, residents should visit the agency’s office during weekday business hours to fill out the necessary documentation. Or they can get other information about getting help with food, housing, and medical care in Minnesota.

This one-time utility bill assistance program helps income-eligible Dakota County residents to pay for their winter heating costs. The disabled and elderly are also given special attention. It can also help lower your cooling costs during the summer. The EAP is a program designed to help residents who are at risk of having their gas or electric service disconnected, or who have already had their service disconnected, or who have less than 10 days’ worth of fuel.


This service helps people who are struggling to find housing. The Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit works with different organizations to help people find safe and affordable housing. If you or someone you know is homeless or close to being homeless, please call (651) 675-4400 or (651) 287-0956 for help.

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