Dental assistance in Minnesota.

Smiles Across Minnesota provides dental assistance to those in need. This program has expanded its dental coverage to include more areas of Minnesota. The program helps to improve the oral health of children who are either uninsured or have a low income. The Smiles Across Minnesota dental assistance program provides children with preventive dental services including fluoride treatments, cleanings, and sealants. This program is available to children who are ages three to 12.

The dental services offered by Children’s Dental Services are free of charge for all students attending participating schools. A local hygienist manages the treatments. If a Minnesota family already has commercial dental or health insurance, the parents and their children will be encouraged to visit the dental home they have already established.

If the family does not have a dentist, the children will be referred to a local dentist. The family may also be helped to find appropriate dental services. The Children’s Dental Services will also provide dental care for children who are on public assistance, and offer advice on how to get help with dental bills. Any students who do not have insurance and meet the income requirements will be able to receive free dental care through a program that is funded by donations from corporations. Parental consent is required for all children receiving dental care.

In 2006, Delta Dental of Minnesota and Children’s Dental Service partnered with Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America program to create the Smiles Across Minnesota coalition. The “Nationwide Smiles Across Minnesota” coalition is one of the most successful groups associated with the “Smiles Across America” dental assistance program. This program’s primary goal is to provide dental care to low-income children who do not have insurance.

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Details and contact information for Smiles Across Minnesota

The program has a high-level process. Your local school will need to send an application to the student. If you sign a consent form, you will be able to get free dental care.

The dental program in Minnesota provides various services such as consultations, initial screening, cleanings, flouride treatments, and oral health education. If necessary, it also offers minor surgery. This means that if the dentist thinks it is necessary, they will also do sealants and dental cleanings. Other free dental clinics in Minnesota.

If you have health insurance that covers dental services, your insurance company will be billed for the dental services you receive. If you need help applying for insurance, there is someone who can assist you. Some medical care and services will be provided for free or at a reduced cost to low income and elderly people who meet the eligibility requirements.

There are other dental care programs that are free and operate across the state and nation.

Call the number provided to learn more about the organization and what they do.

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