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Redding Electric assistance programs.

If you are looking for help with anything related to electricity, Redding Electric may be able to help you out. This can include giving you information, referring you to someone else, or giving you financial assistance. The company tries to help customers who are in financial trouble by working with them to find a solution. There are many programs available to help people pay their utility bills. Some programs are run by the government, and some are run by private organizations. There are also many payment plans available that can help people spread out the cost of their utility bills over time. If you’re having trouble paying your utility bills, call your energy company to see if there are any options available to you before you fall behind.

If you are a senior citizen or have a disability, you may be eligible for a discount from the Lifeline Program. This will give customers a discount of up to 25% on their bill, including the monthly charge for utility services. The Housing Division Lifeline department can be called at 866-267-8845 to learn more or to apply.

The Redding Electric SHARE Program is a program that helps senior citizens and the homebound that live on a fixed income to pay their electric bills. It can help them with their energy/utility expenses. This organization is funded by donations from the public. You can make a one-time or recurring donation to support their work.

All money that is paid into the SHARE program will be collected by Redding Utilities. They work closely with Golden Umbrella, a local non-profit agency that helps the community. They will process applications and give money to low and fixed-income seniors who qualify. If you have questions about how to donate or apply for SHARE, you can call Golden Umbrella at 530.223.6034. The main administrative office is located at 777 Cypress Avenue, Redding, CA 96001.

Very low income customers may also be able to receive a price reduction. This is part of the Lifeline Plus + program. This discount is for customers with very low incomes who meet certain thresholds. The discount is offered regardless of the customer’s age or disability. If you are found to be qualified, you may be able to get a 25% discount.

CARES is a program that helps people in the City of Redding who are in an emergency or crisis. This resource was created in an effort to help people bring their account up to date. The customer will need to pay for the part of their utility bill that does not involve electricity. There are a number of income requirements that must be met in order to qualify. In order to qualify, customers must have experienced a financial hardship at some point in the past.

You can apply for CARES benefits only once in any 12-month period. The amount of money that families receive from the government for their bills will vary, but they could receive up to $250. You can get more information by calling 530.339.7200.

The Life Support app is more of a notification service, sending alerts to users about things like natural disasters and emergencies in their area. The City of Redding will notify you in advance if there is going to be an interruption of electrical power in your area. You will be notified in advance if any construction is going to occur that would result in the power being turned off. This makes it easier for people to plan ahead. To enroll in this advance notification program, call 530.339.7200.

The Housing Rehabilitation Program is a loan program that helps people pay for minor home repairs or energy conservation updates. This program from Redding offers loans with low interest rates and/or the option to defer payment to qualified customers. The money issued should be used for home repairs and energy efficiency upgrades. Call the customer support team at the number below and mention this reference number.

Other local resources that are not associated with SHHIP are the Self-Help Home Improvement Project. The program provides free weatherization services to low-income households to help them reduce their energy costs. This is a phone number where you can call to get information.

Contact information for Redding Electric

The customer support number is 866-267-8845. If you are struggling to pay for something, you can learn about options for financial assistance or be referred to other resources.

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