Assistance Program

DeSoto Parish assistance programs

The DeSoto Parish community services is a place where people in the community can go to get help with various services. They are located in Mansfield, but service the parish of DeSoto, Louisiana. 318-872-6311 is the phone number

Rent Help

If you are struggling to pay rent or are facing eviction, the agency may occasionally have funds that can help you get through a short-term crisis. The organization has recently been given more money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the stimulus plan, which has allowed them to help more people than they usually do. There is never enough money to fund everything people want, and there are more requests for money than there is money available.

Weatherization Assistance

This program will help people save money on their utility bills by giving them money from the government. This means that if your family meets certain criteria, you can get this service for free.

The contractors will come to your house and check to see what improvements can be made to save energy. These improvements will be free of charge. This work includes a lot of things such as weather stripping, additional insulation for the floor, attic and walls, carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, combustion tests on all appliances, minor repairs for the walls, floor and roof, sunscreens, caulking to prevent air from coming in, and replacing unvented space heaters. Other support can include tuning and repairs of air conditioning units, energy efficient light bulb replacement and ensuring that homes are properly ventilated for desired air quality. The work completed on the homes and/or apartment is designed to help conserve energy for at least 10 years.

To find out more about these programs, please call (318) 872-6311.

Financial assistance in DeSoto Parish

The DeSoto Parish Police Jury is a great organization to contact if you need help with food, housing, or applying for government assistance. It works with private agencies, non-profits and government organizations to help the working poor and homeless. There are many different resources available to help people in need, including programs for housing, food assistance, and temporary financial assistance. They can help with emergency housing needs like shelters and short term housing.

This voucher will help pay for part of a low income family’s monthly rent. Other costs associated with housing, such as assistance with utility bills, may be offered to families in De Soto Parish. The second main program, Food Stamps, will help meet the nutritional needs of families. It is the main federal government resource for food assistance. You may be given free food, vouchers, and groceries. In addition to partnering with other businesses, they also partner with numerous social service agencies and charities.

The Parish Jury can be contacted at 101 Franklin Street, Mansfield, Louisiana 71052, (318) 872-0795. For more information, speak to a case manager.

The H.G.M. Community Development organization is a non-profit food pantry that helps low-income families by providing them with food and other necessities. Items that may be offered include fresh fruits, canned goods, vegetables, and baby formula. The address is 8480 Highway 509, Mansfield, LA 71052, and the phone number is (318) 871-8008.

The Feed and Seed Storefront Ministry has emergency food boxes available for people in need. In addition to regular meals, special holiday meals may be provided on days such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The building is located at 201 Polk Street. This is a phone number. You can call it if you want to talk to someone.

The DeSoto-Parish Health Unit is a clinic that serves the local community. Some medical facilities may offer services to those who cannot afford to pay their medical bills. These services may be limited to specific treatments or times of day. This aid includes help with prescription costs, healthcare, family planning, and guidance. The clinic provides patients with preventive health care, referrals, and follow-up as needed. Education on healthy lifestyles can be offered to children and families as well. The staff of the unit provides health-related programs to the De Soto community and local businesses. Doctors and other professionals are available to provide these programs. The intake telephone number for this facility is (318) 872-0472.

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