Dutchess and Greene County Prescription Access Assistance Program.

The prices of prescription drugs are constantly increasing, making it difficult for people who are unemployed, have low incomes, or are uninsured to afford them. The Dutchess/Greene County Healthcare Consortium has teamed up with other nearby counties to establish the Prescription Access Assistance Program.

This program will help people who can’t afford to buy prescription drugs. It will help countless families and individuals. Families now have another resource that can help them to get and pay for the medication they need to stay healthy.

Different counselors work together as part of the Consortium. They work with families in Greene, Columbia, and Dutchess New York to share information and let residents know how they can tap into the free program. The following are some details about the service.

The Prescription Access Program helps low income and needy eligible residents in the region obtain their medications at little or no cost. They work with pharmaceutical companies to get drugs to people who need them.

Many drug manufacturers offer programs to help people who cannot afford their medications. These allow people to get their prescription drugs at a cheaper price. Sometimes the medications may be given out for free. There are a few things you need to be eligible for this. Each company has different standards that need to be met by applicants. These standards can vary and include things such as a lack of insurance, income level, or lack of prescription drug coverage under their current health insurance plan.

The Healthcare Consortium helps people in New York access different programs that provide assistance. They can give advice and tips to residents on how to take care of their own place.

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The non-profit will ask for the names of the medications needed for those who cannot afford their medications and need help. The counselor will look at the websites of pharmaceutical companies that have patient assistance programs. If you cannot afford your medication and meet the eligibility requirements, you may be able to get your prescription for free or at a reduced cost. There are a number of free prescription drug programs available to help those in need.

The success of the program can be seen in the many examples of how it has made prohibitively pricey medications much more affordable. A woman from Dutchess County New York who had no health insurance coverage was able to get her medications for just $10, even though her prescription was for $350.

If you are unable to afford your prescription medications, please contact the Greene County Healthcare Consortium for assistance. Some people have to decide whether to buy food or medicine. If the patient is having trouble affording their medication, the patient assistance program may be able to help them. Even if something doesn’t meet the requirements, it can often be referred to another resource.

A lot of old people have also been really benefitting from this. The Dutchess/Greene County Legislature approved the ProAct card to help residents obtain reduced cost medications, but the program is not part of the card. The card can be used to save money on top of other discounts.

To learn more about the Greene County Healthcare Consortium’s Prescription Access Assistance Program, or to find out if you are eligible for the program, please call (518) 567-5068.

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