Assistance Program

Eagle, Lake, Montezuma County assistance programs.

Help for rent, energy bills, and other financial aid

The Salvation Army in Edwards, Colorado offers money to help pay for things like rent, utilities, and other bills. There are organizations that can help with paying rent, utility and energy bills, and accessing a food pantry. This program provides food and nutrition assistance to low-income families. This usually means helping people who are about to be kicked out of their homes, or have their water and electricity cut off. The number you have dialed is not in service.

The LEAP program provides financial assistance to low-income households to help pay for energy costs. The program is administered by the local Social Services office. To speak to someone at customer service, please call 1-800-225-6136. The local government office may be able to help needy Colorado residents pay their winter utility and heating bills through the LIHEAP program. The Social Services office can provide other types of assistance beside what was already mentioned. This means finding out about and recommending specific resources that can help with a particular problem or need.

What are some government programs that can help me with things like healthcare, food, and money? Commodities are a supply of food that the government provides for low-income families and individuals. The Department of Community Services may also be able to help with programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, and the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program. The local office for Lake County can be reached by calling 970-486-2088. The Montezuma Department of Social Services can be reached at 970-565-3769.

Eagle County Smiles provides dental care at either no cost, or at a reduced cost. The clinic provides dental care to people who cannot afford it or do not have insurance in order to reduce the amount of oral disease and dental problems. If you are looking for dental clinics in Colorado, you can call 970-845-6339, or search online for clinics in your area.

The Eagle Care Medical Clinic can provide high-quality, affordable health care to those who are uninsured or underinsured, as well as to low-income and unemployed persons who live in Eagle County. To get in touch with the clinic, you can call 970-569-7520.

The Weatherization Program is a free government funded service for low-income as well as working poor residents of Colorado. The program is administered by the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments. If you use less energy in your home, you may be able to save money. The weatherization services include replacing furnaces and refrigerators, storm windows, insulation, pellet stoves, weather stripping, light bulbs, and more. This is a phone number for ordering Amtrak tickets.

The Montelores Emergency Assistance Coalition is a organization that provides information, health care, and other services and resources for low income individuals in the community. Their phone number is (970) 564-1195.

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