Emergency aid from Community Services Offices.

The non-profit Community Services Offices in Garland County can help clients find financial support. The staff is committed to helping individuals become more self-sufficient over the long term.

There is a lot of demand for support in Arkansas. The non-profit will work hard to meet the demand. Although there are resources available, there is not an abundance of them, therefore most people will be referred elsewhere.

Housing and rent programs in Garland County

The Emergency Solutions Grant helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing financial assistance and services. This includes help with rent, utility bills, moving costs, and other necessary expenses. The program also offers services to stabilize current tenants, such as case management and eviction prevention. Persons and families who have received a legal eviction notice and would be homeless without any type of rental help from Garland County are also eligible for ESG services, if they meet all the conditions.

Some of the possible types of assistance that could be offered to someone in need include helping to pay for short-term rental costs, loans to cover housing expenses, credit counseling, utility bill assistance, and having someone to help manage and coordinate everything. There are a lot of restrictions and not a lot of money from ESG.

The Community Services Offices or its partners offer rapid re-housing assistance under the ESG program. This component is for individuals who are homeless as defined by the HUD – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Examples of homelessness include sleeping in an emergency shelter, a car, or a transitional housing unit. Other things that may be required are also qualifications.

The agency also has access to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) This organization provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families in need of housing, food, and other essentials. Many charities in the local area are involved in the process of allocating money. A food bank that is overseen by some partners of Community Services distributes food to families who need it.

The homeownership and asset development center helps families to buy homes. This is achieved by offering free advice and assistance with making down payments and closing costs.

The center helps those who are buying a home for the first time or again, and the aid can be things like grants for families who don’t make a lot of money. The programs offered by the community action agency or its partners require that the homebuyers who purchase a home through the program live in that home as their primary residence. The participants must use a lender that has been approved.

Find help with utilities from Community Services

Some organizations may offer financial assistance to help cover the costs of heating and cooling bills. The non-profit provides the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program for struggling households in Garland region. The government can use money from its budget to help people pay their bills for water, electricity, and other basic services.

The winter regular program is designed to help with paying heating bills, especially for people who are struggling to pay their bills. In order to participate in this program, you must make sure you meet the low-income guidelines. You will also need to get evidence from the previous month of all your income and make sure you can help renters too.

The other part of LIHEAP is the regular assistance payment, which is a one-time subsidy for qualified individuals. Furthermore, the crisis assistance payment is a one-time subsidy for people in Garland County Arkansas and can help clients avoid having their utilities shut off, reconnect a disconnect service or even purchase propane.

The weatherization assistance program provides energy audits to community service offices to help them save on energy costs. This program provides free weatherproofing for low-income individuals and families.

The distribution of Fans will help clients save energy and money that can be put towards other needs such as food, transportation and medication. The community action agency helps people save energy by installing energy-saving light bulbs, weather stripping on doors and windows, caulking and sealing cracks and holes, and insulating walls and floors. They can also install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Some clients in the area may see an improvement from getting their furnaces repaired or replaced and upgrading to more energy-efficient refrigerators and electric water heaters. The weatherization of homes is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the state of Arkansas, and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Medical and dental services

If you are in need of dental care but cannot afford it, ask your doctor or local social services for referrals to community dental clinics. These clinics provide low-cost or free dental care to those in need. This is usually for low-income or uninsured residents in Garland Arkansas who cannot afford to pay for dental work. The clinics will have dentists who are licensed and experienced, and they will do extractions but not fill cavities.

The community dental clinic also provides referrals to denture programs for people who have had all their teeth removed. However, the waiting period at these types of centers is often quite long.

To get more information, call the agency at (501) 624-5724. If needed, additional information or resources may be suggested. The address is in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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