Assistance Program

Emergency St. Vincent De Paul assistance programs in Whitfield County.

If you live in Whitfield County and need some assistance with things like baby formula or food from the St. Vincent De Paul pantry, you can stop by the center for help. The staff help out struggling households by making their challenges a little easier. Case managers provide free, confidential advice and support to people.

The aid is for individuals that are in a crisis and are not sure how they will buy food or pay a bill this month. This organization provides assistance to people in need of housing, food, and other necessities. They may offer financial assistance in the form of loans or grants, help immigrants obtain the necessary documents or ID, and provide referrals to other charitable and government resources.

The local parish of St. Josephs church operates both a food bank and thrift store through the St. Vincent charity. This means that families can choose their own service providers and setup based on their needs. These two resources provide residents with the ability to obtain necessary items, whether it is a certain type of food, clothing, bedding, school supplies, or personal hygiene products.

The emergency food pantry gives food to the needy once a month to help them meet their dietary needs. The Whitfield County St. Vincent De Paul also sponsors Operation Turkey every year during October and November. This program gives out free Thanksgiving meals to many residents in the county.

The Emergency Assistance Program offered by St. Vincent De Paul of Whitfield is available on a first come, first served basis to those who have submitted all required documentation and have been approved for a grant. to low income individuals and families in need This service provides low-income individuals and families in need with a small supply of food, utilities, household products, work attire, and other essentials. People and families who are struggling to make ends meet. The applicant must live in Whitfield County. In some cases, financial help is available for people who are experiencing a financial crisis or who need identification to help them become more stable. All the policies and procedures for registration must be followed.

If you need help, it must be because you’re in the middle of a difficult situation that you can’t handle on your own. Additionally, St. Vincent De Pau is unable to meet all demand for assistance on their own, and are also unable to screen all applicants. This means that the church works with agencies like the Salvation Army and Social Services to help manage the money from the Emergency Assistance Program.

A safe and healthy learning environment for children, along with other related services such as a small snack, is provided for families living in poverty who might not have an after-school alternative or who maybe can’t afford to pay for it.

Whitfield County St. Vincent De Paul helps families find affordable after-school care for their children. This program provides tutoring, small meals, math sessions from volunteer teachers, academic monitoring and family assistance to help students succeed.

This learning environment will also involve parents. The whole family needs to work together to show how important educational achievement is, regardless of whether the child has one or both adults in the home. In other words, programs like St. Joseph’s Church can only do so much. It’s really up to parents to create a stable learning environment for kids of all ages.

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul provides guests and families living in poverty with free hygiene kits in addition to the on-site thrift store. The boxes can have things like soap, shampoo, lotion, razors, feminine hygiene products, toothbrushes, diapers, and so on. This service is only possible because of the community and donations from people like you.

Other merchandise is available for purchase at the family store for an affordable price. This is a store for Dalton, Georgia residents that sell winter clothes and furniture.

To get more information or referrals from St. Vincent, which is part of Saint Joseph church in Whitfield County, call (706) 278-3107. The main address is 968 Haig Mill Lake Rd, Dalton, GA 30720.

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