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Energy and utility bill assistance in Tennessee.

Most utility companies in Tennessee offer customers some type of financial assistance or free energy conservation service. If you are low income or otherwise qualified, you may be able to get help paying your energy, utility, and cooling bills in an emergency. If you’re having trouble paying your utility bills, your utility company may offer you a payment plan.

There are also government assistance programs from the state of Tennessee and the federal government for low income families or struggling households. There are programs that can help a family or individual in Tennessee pay their utility bills during a difficult period.

Direct assistance from utility companies in Tennessee

The Appalachian Power Company offers a Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program to help low-income families with their energy bills. The program helps with utility bill payments. The number to call is 423-246-6180.

The Athens Utility Board’s Warm Neighbors Program provides financial assistance to low-income customers who are at risk of losing their utility or power service. The number to call is 423-745-4501.

Atmos Energy provides financial assistance to low-income households through a program called Sharing the Warmth. Money can be used to help people pay for their monthly gas. All of the money given through donations and grants will go straight to people in the local area who need help. The funds will be used to help those people who meet the standards set by the guidelines of each individual program. Atmos can help connect you with resources in your local area. If you need emergency assistance from Atmos, please visit our website for more information.

Cumberland Electric Member Corporation, Clarksville Gas & Water, and the Clarksville Department of Electricity all offer a program called Project Help. This program provides financial assistance to people in the community who are struggling to pay their utility bills. It is designed to help those who are most in need. Call your service provider and ask about Project Help.

Duck River Electric Member Corporation also offers a program similar to Project HELP. This program provides assistance to members who are struggling to pay their electric bills. The program offers a variety of options to members, including payment plans and financial counseling. This program is funded by customer donations. The donations help pay for energy and utility bills for elderly and handicapped members in the community. If you want more information or want to apply for help, you can contact a local DREMC office. The main headquarters office’s phone number is (931) 684-4621.

Holston Electric Cooperative offers a winter assistance version of Project Help. This program provides assistance to low-income families who are struggling to pay their electric bills. Individuals who are elderly, have a disability, low income, or are experiencing an economic crisis in the community can apply for assistance with their heating bill once a year. For more information about this plan or to apply for financial assistance, residents of Hawkins County can call the Neighborhood Service Center at 272-2830, and residents of Hamblen County can call Central Services at 586-9431. Call the company at (423) 581-2066 (Russellville Office office) or (423) 272-8821 (Rogersville).

The Round Up Program is run by the Jackson Energy Authority, which can be reached at 731-422-7500 or 423-9257. The money that is raised from the Round Up Program will be given to Area Relief Ministries, which is a non-profit organization that helps people in the community. ARM will give money to people who have low incomes and who are having difficulty making ends meet.

The Johnson City Power Board offers a Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program to help customers in need. This program provides financial assistance to those who are struggling to pay their energy bills. The program is funded by donations from members of the community. This is a private and individual donation program where customers can donate money to help people pay their energy bills through the Salvation Army and Good Samaritan Ministries. 423-928-0288 is the number for Good Samaritan Ministries.

The Knoxville Utilities Board offers a program to help people with their heating bills. The program provides financial assistance to people who need help paying for heating oil, electricity, natural gas, kerosene, oil, or wood. The program was designed to help those who are low income, elderly, disabled, or struggling single parents who may not have a steady income.

The Knoxville Community Action Committee oversees the Project Help program. Please call the number 865-524-2911. This is a Knoxville utility financial aid program that provides assistance with utility bills.

Low-income customers can receive an additional $1 per day on their MLGW bill, with the funds coming from donors. The Memphis Light, Gas, and Water company has a program called Plus-1 that helps low-income customers by giving them an extra $1 per day to help pay their bill. The money for this program comes from donors. The program helps people pay for their utility bills and provides energy services for needy individuals in the local community. To speak to someone at the animal shelter, please call 901-527-0208.

The program administered by Memphis Light Gas and Water is known as EnergySmart Memphis. It is a yearlong program that helps people conserve energy and learn about energy efficiency. This is an initiative to help Memphians save money on their energy costs and utility bills by improving their homes. This means that Memphis Light Gas and Water customers will be given energy conservation training and access to special savings programs. In addition, some customers may have weatherization improvements made to their homes. This initiative provides funding and cash grants to help low-income customers weatherize their homes. Call (901) 544-6549 or 528-4444

The On Track program from Memphis Light Gas and Water helps customers manage their usage and payments. The Low-Income Payment Plan is a payment program that helps customers with low or limited incomes pay their utility and energy bills over time. The assistance program focuses on helping people with social services, education, and financial management. Customers of the utility company who have a steady but limited total household income and owe more than $600 to MLGW may qualify for the assistance program.

If you participate in the On Track program, you may be eligible to receive an Extended Payment Plan that lasts up to three years. The program also offers minor home repairs for homeowners and utility deposit credits. You can get applications from Memphis Light Gas and Water. If you need assistance, contact Memphis Light Gas and Water or read more about their services.

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative has a program called Project Help that provides assistance to members of the community. There is assistance available to people who are experiencing a temporary financial hardship and need help paying their winter heating and energy bills. Community action agencies and local charities in each county distribute money and cash grants each year. You can reach us at (931) 729-3558.

This energy provider can help people pay for emergency energy costs and utility bills. This assistance is available for elderly and disabled members, as well as those who are not economically self-sufficient. The agencies, non-profits, and charities that are listed below can help you to see if you qualify for assistance. If you need help, please contact the Cannon County Senior Citizens Center at 615-563-5304. If you need assistance from a community helper in Rutherford County, you can call 615-898-0617. The Wilson County Community Help Center provides assistance to county residents in need. They can be reached at 615-449-1856. The Williamson County organization Graceworks can be reached at 615-794-9055.

Morristown Utility Systems has a program that provides financial assistance to low-income people who need help paying their monthly energy and utility bills. The program and funds are currently administered by Morristown-Hamblen Central Services. For more information or to apply for help, call 423-586-9431.

Mountain Electric Cooperative has a program called Operation Pocket Change. Customer donations and donations from local businesses provide money for qualified community projects, financial assistance programs, and people who are in difficult situations. The program provides free home weatherization services to income-eligible customers. The program provides free home weatherization services to income-eligible customers who are funded by NES and Nashville Gas.

The resource is called Project HELP, and it is administered by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee. The program can help those with low incomes or who are disabled or elderly by providing money for energy costs and utility bills. Call the number 615-736-6900

Nashville Electric Service (NES) provides assistance to low-income households through several programs. There are three programs that can help with energy costs: LIHEAP, weatherization, and Project HELP. The programs can help save energy, pay for utility bills, and provide other assistance. The Nashville Electric Service offers several programs to help customers lower their energy usage and save money. These programs include energy efficiency rebates, home energy audits, and more.

Newport Utilities is a utility company in Tennessee that has a program called Project Help. This program provides assistance to customers who need help paying their utility bills. The program may be able to provide funds to help certain needy customers, such as low-income people, elderly people, people with disabilities, working poor people, or other people, pay their utility and cooling bills in case of extreme emergency. The only place to get applications for aid and support is at the Neighborhood Center. The customer service number for Newport Utilities is (423) 625-2800, or you can email them at [email protected].

PNW’s Share the Warmth program provides direct cash grants and financial assistance to low-income individuals through local charities and partner agencies. Customer and utility donations fund the program. The program can support people who use all forms of energy, including natural gas, propane, wood, heating oil, electricity, coal, and kerosene. The Metro Action Commission provides assistance to low-income residents of Davidson County, Tennessee. Services include food assistance, utility assistance, and housing assistance. The Highland Rim Economic Corporation is a non-profit organization based in Dickson County, Tennessee. The organization’s mission is to attract new businesses and industries to the area, and to help existing businesses grow and prosper. The Corporation offers financial assistance to businesses, and provides information and resources on business development, financing, and business planning. The Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency provides assistance to residents of Cheatham, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Trousdale, Williamson and Wilson counties. Assistance is available by calling 615-742-1113 or 615-453-2243. The Piedmont Customer Service number is 866.316.3356.

org, a website that helps anyone in need during a natural disaster. This power company provides a website,, to help people in need during a natural disaster. The program provides financial assistance to community organizations, families and individuals through customer donations. Call (423) 837-8605 to speak to someone.

Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation offers its qualified customers the Project Help assistance program. This program helps customers with their electric bills. It is funded by member donations and contributions from businesses. The government provides money to agencies that help people during emergency situations. To apply for more information, call (731) 772-1322 or 1-800-772-0472.

The city of Memphis offers several programs to help people stay cool during summer, including providing free fans and operating centers where people can go to get out of the heat. The city can also suggest other non-profits in Shelby County that can provide utility assistance. The city of Memphis provides assistance to eligible residents who are struggling to pay their energy bills. To see if you qualify for help, visit the city’s website or call their office.

The Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation provides financial assistance to low-income households to help them pay their energy bills. There may be financial assistance available for those who are unable to pay their energy bills due to disability or age, or for those who are not economically stable. The money collected is used to fund a program run by an independent agency or non-profit in the service area. To make a reservation, please call either 615-735-2940 or 1-800-261-2940.

Government resources in Tennessee

Community action agencies in Tennessee are a place where people can learn about government resources that are available to them. There are programs that can help with things like home improvement and utility bills, and they may be available at the state or federal level. The staff is willing to help with anything you need, whether it be help with your application or anything else you might need. Community action agencies are organizations that provide resources and assistance to people in specific communities. You can use this website to find community action agencies in Tennessee that are near you.

Low income families may be eligible for government assistance in the form of cash grants to help pay for utility bills, including heating and cooling costs. Additional funding may be available to help improve the conditions of your home, such as repairing damage or making it more weatherproof. All programs are free for Tennessee families who qualify for them based on their income. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal program that helps low-income households with their energy bills. The Tennessee Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a state-funded program that helps low-income households make energy-efficiency improvements to their homes.

If your energy company is not listed above, look for other low income electric bill programs. You can also find more information on other options that can help Tennessee customers pay their utility bills. There are various government programs that offer financial assistance, such as LIHEAP, emergency grants, and other forms of aid.

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