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United Passaic Organization emergency assistance programs.

The United Passaic Organization is focused on providing shelter, nutrition, and utilities for people in need. The City of Passaic in New Jersey has a non-profit community action agency that provides services to the community. If you are struggling to make ends meet, a case manager can help you apply for assistance with a variety of needs.

The Emergency Homeless Program offers help to people who are in danger of being evicted or who are already homeless. They also provide a temporary shelter that gives people a place to stay, food, and help with their problems in Passaic County. For those who are about to be evicted from their homes, rental assistance is available to help them. Currently homeless people may be able to get help from programs that will pay for their security deposit for a new low income apartment.

The shelter can either be vouchered or non-vouchered depending on how much money is available. The help provided usually only lasts for a short time and could also include a place to stay for a while as people transition to a new living situation. The case managers will help the clients explore different options that will stop them from becoming homeless again in the future. This can include loans with zero percent interest rates for emergencies, as well as ongoing counseling and case management.

The emergency energy bill and utility assistance provides cash grants and direct intervention services to eligible working poor residents in Passaic. The disabled and elderly are also a focus. The majority of financial assistance is for people who are about to have their utility service disconnected or those who have already had their service interrupted.

The client will pay the utility company service provider directly. This will only be offered if it has been determined that there is a need for it. The utility company will work with the client receiving services from United Passaic Organization to create a financial aid plan.

The staff from the community action agency will help individuals and families develop a budget and address the underlying cause of the issue. They can also explore saving energy and getting free government weatherization services for their apartment or home.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible low-income households pay for a portion of their home energy bills. This program provides financial assistance to low-income New Jersey families to help pay for their utility bills. Both heating and natural gas bills are a focus during the winter months.

The State of New Jersey USF (Universal Services Fund) is also administered by United Passaic Organization. This organization provides financial assistance to low-income residents in Passaic County so that they can have access to communication services. It can help reduce energy costs and bills for low-income customers. If you are struggling to pay your monthly electricity and gas bills, USF can help reduce the amount you have to pay. You can apply for both LIHEAP and the Universal Services Fund at the same time at UPO. Call 1-866-240-3102 or 1-800-510-3102.

The United Passaic Food Bank Center gives away free food or groceries. This is a emergency service that is run in partnership with the First Presbyterian Church in Passaic County. This service provides emergency assistance to people who are working but do not have a lot of money.

Most of the free food, surplus commodities, and meals go to those who are less fortunate, such as the working poor, homeless, senior citizens on fixed income, disabled, etc. This assistance program is designed to help meet a great need in the community, and the plan from the center is helping achieve this goal.

The pantry will interview clients to see if they qualify for free food based on income and family size. The aid is only given out once a month. The non-profit agency will not provide assistance to recipients of food stamps or welfare benefits. The Passaic County Board of Social Service is critical to the success of this service.

The Health and Social Services Committee can provide basic medical check-ups and screenings as needed. Referrals may be given when requested or needed. There are programs that offer discounts on prescription drugs.

The Workforce Development service can help you become more independent by giving you case management, short term training, and other similar support services that will help you get and keep a job. This is a program that helps people who are low-income, unemployed, or working poor to overcome obstacles that keep them from getting a job.

The UPO also offers other support services. The address is 41 Myrtle Avenue in Passaic, New Jersey 07055. Please call (973) 472-2478.

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