Financial help from Interfaith Assistance Ministry.

The Interfaith Assistance Ministry is a non-profit agency that provides financial and other types of support to people who are experiencing a crisis. The eligibility for the support is based on the need of the applicant, the reason for the crisis and the applicant’s ability to pay the future expenses. The support is given in the form of a hand up and not a hand-out.

Applicants from Henderson County, North Carolina need to provide proof of income and additional documentation. This means that if you need financial assistance again in the future, you will need to apply for it again. This money can be used for things like a portion of your rent or mortgage payments, temporarily shelter, food and meals, transportation, utility-service payments, emergency safety repairs on your home, and the purchase of important household items. In addition to providing its own services, IAM also connects clients with other local agencies.

When using the Interfaith Assistance Ministry food pantry, qualified households may be given a several pounds of fresh or canned groceries. To apply, follow these steps: Applicants need to show a photo ID and/or a copy of an energy bill or lease. A representative from IAM will need to go over the basic form with the person.

The client will need to show that they need help with obtaining food. People should bring their own bags or boxes to carry groceries, as the pantry will not have any to provide. If someone is facing imminent hunger, then Interfaith Assistance Ministry will provide them with food from local soup kitchens. This could provide them with a warm meal.

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Interfaith Assistance Ministry may provide financial assistance for bills and living expenses. The case manager from the agency evaluates each individual’s application, credit history, and ability to understand financial concepts. Different forms of support may be provided based on the results of this.

If the applicant’s situation qualifies, they may be eligible for funding. This money can be used to pay for things like water or electricity bills, rent, mortgage payments, or local transportation. If there is no funding available to solve the crisis, staff may be able to contact and work with the homeowner’s mortgage company or the tenant’s landlord.

Any financial assistance from Interfaith Assistance Ministry also comes with advice and ongoing support. The team can help clients by giving them referrals for things such as counseling sessions to help improve their credit score, getting a job, or help with budgeting. Referrals are given to other agencies in Henderson County when an organization is not able to provide a certain service. Other support is intended to help an individual avoid potential future problems.

Interfaith Assistance Ministry has partnered with various healthcare providers to offer free health screenings and health education to disadvantaged and uninsured members of the community. There are many services available to help people in need, such as free mammograms at local hospitals, community clinics that coordinate immunizations, and prescription drug vouchers.

Other drugs that may be prescribed by a doctor include medications. When someone is in need and doesn’t have the money to buy what they need, the faith based non-profit will help them. Some organizations may help cover part of the costs associated with treatment or refer patients to local clinics in Henderson County. They also help to arrange for more supplies if that is what is needed.

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IAM and its partners, such as the Salvation Army, hold an annual fundraiser to raise money to buy cooling fans for low-income families. Applicants must be a senior, have a young child, or be sick to qualify. They are not allowed to have air conditioning in their homes.

The working poor in Henderson County, especially the elderly, may not be able to afford air conditioning or pay the utility bills to run them. There are reports every year of elderly people dying from the heat in their homes. This service provides free fans to organizations in the region that are struggling with life or death issues.

Interfaith Assistance Ministry may provide personal hygiene items and clothing. There may be free products available such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balm, soap, paper products, books, stickers, games, household cleaning supplies, and other items. This is mostly due to kind donations from others. This is a service where people can donate coats, gloves, hats and other items. The program provides support to hundreds of Henderson County individuals in a given year.

The time that the charity is open is limited. The Interfaith Assistance Ministry is located at 210 Ehringhaus St, Hendersonville, NC 28739. For more information, call 828 697-7029. The agency will still try to help even if they can’t do it themselves, by coordinating with other local human service agencies. When applying for help, bring documentation that proves your identity, documentation that indicates you are at risk of being evicted or having your utilities disconnected, pay stubs, and copies of your monthly bills.

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