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Osceola County Salvation Army assistance programs.

There is a variety of programs offered by the Osceola County Salvation Army. There are some services that provide emergency assistance to anyone in crisis, including rent, electric bills, food and other necessities. Other programs in the Kissimmee and the county area include case management, holistic support for helping the client get back on track, free back to school supplies, Christmas gifts and more. There are social workers and volunteers from the Salvation Army who can help with all of this.

Social and family services is a good place to go for financial or material assistance. The charity may be able to help with the following. This means that all programs are offered in both English and French.

Emergency assistance from Salvation Army in Kissimmee

The program provides free bags of food and vouchers to use at approved supermarkets for groceries, hygiene supplies, and personal items. It also provides stranded traveler assistance, bus passes, and gasoline vouchers for work. Additionally, the program offers one-time, short-term rent assistance and energy bill help. Prescription assistance vouchers are also available. Finally, the program provides crisis assessment, counseling, and management, as well as free school supplies and free dental cleaning and medical care for the uninsured from referrals. There are other free dental clinics in Florida for the uninsured.

The Salvation Army in Kissimmee is often unable to help. This could mean that the company does not have enough money to pay for the new hire, or that they cannot find anyone who meets their qualifications for the position. In some cases, the applicant may still be able to get free referrals to outside agencies. This means that people who need help with things like housing and food may be able to get assistance more quickly.

When it comes to these programs, the applications are processed in the order in which they are received. The head of the household must bring three documents with their name on them, a picture ID for them and their children, and income documents.

Basic needs, shelter, shelters in Osceola County

The Salvation Army believes that no one in the Osceola County community should have to go hungry. They have a free food pantry that is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are also a partner with Feeding America. The Emergency Food Pantry programs may help by providing food for those in need. Lower-income households are much more likely than higher-income households to have experienced a lack of food, shelter, or housing. Feeding America and the Salvation Army can help.

There is a thrift store and a clothes bank on site that are open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The money raised from selling things is used to pay for the Emergency and Family Social Services mentioned before. Some funds are kept in the community to help struggling families.

Holiday assistance programs provide a free Thanksgiving dinner and the Angel Tree / Adopt a Family Christmas toy program. Those programs are often combined with a free community dinner as well. There is also a free back to school supply assistance program as a holiday resources. This program provides free backpacks and school supplies for students in need.

The Osceola County Salvation Army has centers that help people who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, or who are going through a difficult time. There is support available for men and women on an emotional, social, and spiritual level. The goal is to help them become independent and self-sufficient. The services provided by the organization include group and individual therapy sessions, as well as a free physical and spiritual care program for participants. This could eventually help lead to a job that provides money.

Osceola County disaster relief is often organized by the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is a religious organization that helps people in need. They often provide food, clothing, and other necessities to people who have been affected by disasters. Both people who have experienced a hurricane and the people who respond to them can get help from organizations that provide relief after these natural disasters. There are people who are trained and volunteers who offer food, shelter, clothing, and spiritual comfort.

The Salvation Army provides shelters for homeless people in Osceola County. They also provide them with spiritual and physical care, hot meals, food, clothing, access to a computer, and more. The shelter provides a safe and stable environment for people who are experiencing homelessness, giving them the time and space they need to get back on their feet.

Apply for Osceola County Salvation Army assistance programs

For more information on any assistance programs, please contact the Salvation Army in Kissimmee at (407) 944-9968. You can visit the site at 700 Union Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741.

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