Financial help from La Casa de Don Pedro.

One of the services that La Casa de Don Pedro provides is emergency housing assistance for people who are at risk of becoming homeless. The non-profit will also help clients achieve education and self-sufficiency. This will include providing workshops on topics such as ESL and referrals to job placement resources.

There are many other services available in Essex County as well. Case managers help low income families figure out which government grants they may be eligible for, and assist with the application process. Some examples of common grants that case managers help with are those for paying heating bills or weatherization resources. All of the money that La Casa has is limited, but the staff still tries their hardest to help meet the needs of people who are less fortunate.

The agencies Emergency Housing Assistance Program, or EHAP, helps Essex County New Jersey residents who are at risk of losing their homes to avoid homelessness or evictions. This program helps tenants by teaching them about their rights, how to manage their money, and how to plan their finances. There may be agencies that offer free legal counsel or low interest loans to help pay rent.

In some cases where the person asking for help has a good reason and has shown they need the money, La Casa de Don Pedro may be able to give them some money if there is money available. The funds can be used for things like security deposits, back rent, or mortgage payments. In addition, case managers also assist those who are homeless with finding new housing or accessing low income apartments.

To qualify for EHAP, the applicant’s family must be able to show that their expenses match their income and that they are currently experiencing a financial crisis. The funding for this housing program is limited, so they work with local non-profit community service organizations or charity groups to make sure people in need get adequate assistance.

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As a HUD certified housing counseling agency, La Casa has trained counselors who can assist families who are struggling to make their mortgage payments and are at risk of foreclosure. The counselors help clients by providing referrals to legal services, information on mortgage modifications, individualized assessments, counseling, and other support services.

La Casa de Don Pedro helps people in Essex County who need help paying for energy bills or other public aid programs. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income families pay their heating bills. In some cases, LIHEAP can also help pay for air conditioning during the summer months.

The program provides assistance with high utility or heating bills, and grants from LIHEAP can also be used to prevent termination of service. The government programs help people with payments, getting emergency oil supplies, or making improvements to their heating system or furnace.

All eligible LIHEAP participants are also advised of the Weatherization Assistance Program. This program provides free energy-efficient upgrades to homes in order to help conserve energy and lower heating and cooling costs. Weatherization services may include repairing or replacing faulty heating units, tuning up furnaces, installing insulation and/or weather stripping, and patching roofs.

La Casa also offers emergency home energy services to seniors and medically eligible households in Essex County as part of various services. This was started with the goal of reducing heating and cooling bills by providing emergency funds for installing cooling units, getting home heating oil or replacing boilers.

The Immigration Services help people who are new to Essex County and are refugees or immigrants to get legal status. There are resources that can help you explore your options, prepare documents, and represent you during the process.

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This is all done with the goal of becoming a legal immigrant. There are resources available for a small fee or at no cost to eligible clients.

The Healthy Living Initiative at La Casa is focused on improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities for residents of North Newark, with a particular focus on underserved Latino families. The following services are available.

The non-profit will work with health care and medical providers to offer educational workshops and health fairs that focus on enhancing awareness and facilitating prevention of community health issues such as obesity, diabetes, smoking, and asthma. Additionally, as part of the Healthy Living Initiative, staff help connect clients with the appropriate medical services they need, including making referrals, helping them sign up for NJ Family Care insurance, or getting them tested. The program provides case management services for clients who need help managing their health issues.

The Welfare to Work Initiative provides assistance to people who are looking for employment. This is a government job-readiness program that provides services such as case management, job placement, basic education, workplace orientation, testing, ESL classes, and referrals to other employment support programs, as needed. The goal of the La Casa de Don Pedro program is to help participants learn the skills they need to be successful in the workplace.

La Casa offers a GED course for residents who have not completed high school. This course will help them prepare for the GED test. Classes and workshops are available that focus on English and math, and course work on all subjects appearing on the GED test is available through self-directed computer as well as one on one individualized instruction.

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The resources above are often used in conjunction with English as a Second Language classes. The three levels of instruction are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This class can help you get a job.

The Summer Enrichment and Literacy Program is a course designed to help students improve their literacy skills. It is taught by certified teachers. The program aims to improve children’s writing, speaking, reading, listening, and language skills. In addition to the education, free meals are served daily. These meals are freshly prepared, and served family style (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.) The program is often combined with Youth Enrichment for teenagers and elementary age children. This allows for a more well-rounded experience for the participants.

The Family Success Centers from La Casa de Don Pedro are located at 23 Broadway and at 282 First Avenue in Newark. The locations are part of a state of New Jersey program that makes it easy for people to get social services or public benefits.

The centers offer services such as tax information, SNAP food stamp benefits, school enrollment, medical care, instruction in regard to parenting skills, and more. If someone is eligible for help from one of La Casa’s programs, the organization will give them the resources they need to participate in it. Case managers also provide information about agencies and programs that are not offered through La Casa.

The location is on Clinton Ave. in Newark, New Jersey. For more information, please call 973-624-4222. The staff can help you find out if you qualify for any programs.

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