Financial help from Southwest Georgia Community Action Council.

The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council helps families from several counties. The regional non-profit supports families who cannot afford basic necessities or who are experiencing a one-time crisis. Based on the results of the case management process, the programs administered are the following:

There is emergency financial assistance available to help with expenses including rent, food, and security deposits. The Head Start program is available to eligible children from the region, as well as a senior meal service. Some other benefits from the SWGACAC include being able to apply for weatherization or help with low income energy bills. This non-profit organization provides assistance to residents in the following counties: Calhoun, Colquitt, Schley, Decatur, Marlon, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Baker, Webster, Lee, Miller, Mitchell, Sumter, Seminole, Terrell, Thomas, and Worth.

The Emergency Services is a programs that helps individuals and families who are dealing with a hardship. This program provides them with financial assistance, food, and other resources they may need. The person may have lost their income or had unexpected expenses due to uncontrollable circumstances. If you meet the requirements, you may be offered the following.

If you are struggling to pay for essentials like your mortgage, utilities, rent, or food, you may be able to get financial help from the government or other organizations. The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council may offer grants to help people pay for shelter, food, and rent. This can help prevent people from being homeless or going without food. The program also provides shelter in counties such as Dougherty or Colquitt for those who have lost their homes.

In order to apply for a grant, you must be able to provide documentation that proves you are a resident, as well as proof of all household income and expenses. You must also be able to show that you will be able to pay all future bills on your own. The non-profit may provide a loan to the applicant so the money will need to be repaid to the agency. They need to show that they can support themselves without depending on public assistance.

The main goal of the Senior Meal Service is to make sure that older people living in the CAC’s area get free, healthy food. Children in need can get nutritious hot meals to help them stay healthy.

SWGACAC provides meals at congregate sites in Decatur, Calhoun, and other counties four days a week. The food is delivered to those who cannot leave their homes. The priority for receiving the vaccine is given to seniors aged 60 and over, their spouses, as well as qualifying individuals who are disabled and/or homebound.

If someone is qualified, then they can get meals that will be delivered to their home. The food is given out in a group setting. Transportation can be arranged if needed. The non-profit also organizes social events throughout the year at the congregate sites in addition to the meals. This will allow the client to spend time with their peers for various activities.

The regular contact that clients have with staff members from the community action agency provides them with an opportunity to socialize and to have their health and wellness monitored.

The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council Housing Counseling provides answers to questions that tenants and homeowners have, but it is only available on a limited basis. The guidance provided will often answer questions asked by those who are interested in purchasing homes and are new to the process. The program from the agency also provides information about loans or other financing options, home maintenance and similar housing-related concerns, as well as referrals to other resources in the community.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps people with low incomes pay for their utility or heating bills. This means that if you are eligible, you can receive up to $350 to help pay for your home heating costs over a one-year period. The priority for receiving assistance is given to households in which all members are at least 65 years of age, homebound, or disabled. Familys who need help with energy bills can apply for LIHEAP assitance starting in November.

This government-funded program is available to additional income-eligible households beginning in December, depending on the continuing availability of funds in Marlon and Seminole County. Potential applicants for these cash grants must contact their local Southwest Georgia Community Action Council affiliated Neighborhood Service Centers to be added to the LIHEAP waiting list. The agency will accept applications for funding until all the money for that year has been given out.

The goal of the Weatherization Program is to help people save energy in their homes. The program will help people who make a low income to save on their energy bill by reducing their overall energy usage. The program will help people save money and the environment by making home repairs and installing energy-efficient measures. Weatherization can save a lot of money for each household that it is installed in.

Southwest Georgia Community Action Council’s Weatherization measures and those of other agencies across the nation reduce national energy consumption by the equivalent of over 20 million barrels of oil each year.

Home repair and housing rehabilitation services are offered in addition to weatherization services. They are similar but not exactly the same. This means that there are services to keep the housing in good condition and make it accessible for people with disabilities. This could include making the doorways wider, fixing any substandard conditions, and adding wheelchair ramps, handrails, and grab bars. Rehabilitation can help make it easier for people to get around. To apply to SWGACAC, applicants must make sure that their income is within the limits set by the source of funding. Senior citizens and handicapped people who own homes in the company’s service area are given priority.

The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council provides transportation services to low-income individuals, including the disabled and those over 60 years old. The program will help those who need to get prescriptions, food and medical care.

The Self-Sufficiency Case Management Service provides support to people who are struggling with poverty. The service helps people connect with resources and services that can help them improve their situation. It will help clients create plans to manage their money and support their families financially. The program may provide financial assistance for participants’ current bills as they work with their case manager to adhere to case plans and become self-sufficient over the long term.

As part of this process, clients may be required to participate in debt reduction plans or budget counseling. There may be other activities that will help them achieve their goals. The following documentation of income and expenses must be provided in order to verify eligibility for assistance. The applicant should be able to provide current statements for the services they are requesting, as well as Social Security cards for all members of their household. They should also be able to verify their income for the past month.

The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council helps people find jobs through the Workforce Investment Act. The Work Readiness Program provides an opportunity for young people who have dropped out of school to get back on track. The program is available in counties such as Grady, Webster, and Worth. The non-profit will offer support to help them continue their education.

This will help them to learn the skills they need for the job, keep the job for a longer time, do the job better, and find employment in the future. The Work Readiness Services provides job seekers with the necessary tools and resources to find and retain employment. Services include case management, job experience training, GED preparation, support groups, coordination of academic enrichment activities, transportation, child care, and follow up.

Head Start and Early Head Start are programs that provide educational and developmental services to children from birth to age five. The non-profit will make use of funding provided by DHHS to provide comprehensive child development services to children under the age of 6 from families who make less than the federal poverty level. Early Head Start from Southwest Georgia Community Action Council also serves pregnant women, the husbands of those women, children from before birth to age three, and family members of those children.

The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council is located in Albany, Georgia.

Other programs are also run. The Community Action Council has a program that gives out information about its social services to people in the community, or can help connect them with other services they might need. The offices are as follows: The main office is in New York City. There are also offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.

Calhoun County is located at 104 Maxwell St., Arlington, GA 39813. The county can be reached by dialing 229-725-1325.

S.W., Moultrie, GA 31768 The address for Colquitt County is 912 First Ave. S.W., Moultrie, GA 31768. The address is SE Moultrie, Georgia 31768 and the telephone number is 229-985-3610.

The Decatur County office is on Bethel Road in Bainbridge, Georgia. The number to dial is 229-246-3119.

Oglethorpe Blvd., Albany, GA The Dougherty County government is based in Albany, Georgia, at 317 West Oglethorpe Boulevard. The address is First Avenue, Albany, Georgia, main phone number 229-883-1365.

Main St. in Blakely. The Early County community action office is on Main Street in Blakely. The address is: Main St, Blakely, GA 39823 and the phone number is: 229-723-3190

Suite 500, Cairo, GA 39828 The address of Grady County is 17 MLK Ave. Suite 500, Cairo, GA 39828. The address is 39828 Cairo, Georgia and the main phone number is 229-377-3213.

To contact the Miller County office, dial 229-758-2848 and address 360 South 4th St., Colquitt, GA 39837.

Mitchell Ave., Bakersfield, CA The address for Mitchell County in Bakersfield, CA is 165 W. Mitchell Ave. The address for the Camilla, Georgia circle is 229-336-5797.

First Street The address of the Seminole County center is 1121 E. First Street. The address is Third Street in Donalsonville, Georgia, and the phone number is 229-524-5494.

The main phone number for Terrell County in Dawson, Georgia is 229-995-4121. The address is 711 Roundtree Dr. SW.

The Thomas County office is located at 127 A/B Smith Ave., Thomasville, GA 31792. The phone number is 229-228-1162.

12th Street, Sylvester, GA 31791 This is the address of Worth County in Sylvester, GA. This is an address in Sylvester, Georgia. The phone number is 229-776-4851.

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