Financial support from Williamsburg – James City County Community Action Agency.

The Williamsburg James City County Community Action Agency is a non-profit that can help people in need. The organization offers different types of resources like case management, emergency financial assistance for rent, weatherization and Head Start. If a service is not available, then referrals can be made to other programs in the area.

Housing, rent, and emergency assistance

There is emergency financial aid available for people who need it. This is one of the most in demand services. If you are a qualified applicant and are facing a one-time, short-term hardship, you may be eligible for one-time assistance. This program provides financial assistance to families in the Williamsburg area who are struggling to pay for housing costs such as rent or utility bills. This means that there may be help available for things like small car repairs, finding a place to stay, and other services for people who are homeless.

The WJCC Community Action Agency provides referrals and case management assistance to homeless individuals, low income families and those in need of help. This assistance includes finding resources and assistance. The resources they are given will help them become independent. Other service organizations provide the services that WJCC community action does not.

There has been an increase in the number of people who need help paying their rent, as well as the number of homeless families. People come to the shelter asking for help with their housing costs or a place to stay. Many times, people get more than they expected. Qualified applicants may receive housing support, which can include interest-free loans for security deposits and help with food costs. They may also be able to access GED/ESL services. Children can be enrolled into Head Start, which is a government-funded program that provides free early childhood education, health, and family services to low-income children and families. Free legal aid can also help low-income families with children.

Feed the Need is a program that provides food, toys, and gifts to low-income residents of Williamsburg and the Greater Historic Triangle area during Christmas and other holidays. The Salvation Army provides free Toys and winter coats for Head Start children, Thanksgiving meals, Angel Tree and Christmas food baskets. The Williamsburg James City County Community Action Agency offers help to those who are struggling for the first time due to plant closings, lay-offs, salary reductions, cost of goods, family crises, unemployment, and health crises.

The Continuum of Care can help with housing and rental assistance. The federal government created this community-based plan to address the needs of recently evicted and homeless persons in James City County and Williamsburg, Virginia. It will help them lead more independent and stable lives. The program was developed as a way to assess the needs of homeless people. It manages resources to create a strategic plan to address evictions and homelessness in Virginia.

The state of Virginia provides grants to low income households through the federal Weatherization Assistance program to help with conservation. The disabled, elderly, and families with children are the focus. Weatherization involves improving a home’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, which can help reduce energy costs. This can improve the health and safety of residents by making it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors, and can also save money on energy bills.

The community action agency provides services such as caulking, sealing air-leaks, weather-stripping, repairing leaky duct systems, installing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and also repairing and/or replacing inefficient or unsafe heating systems.

This means that if someone cannot afford to hire a lawyer, there are organizations that can help provide them with free or low-cost legal advice. Some of the organizations that the college partners with in order to provide resources and opportunities to the community are the College of William & Mary Law School, as well as the Williamsburg Bar Association. This means that there is a way for parents to get to work and have their children looked after at the same time without having to spend a lot of money.

Community Action job training, placement, and educational services

This program provides services to help people improve their job readiness skills and find employment. It is available for youth, adults, and even senior citizens who are underemployed or unemployed. This will help them develop skills needed to find and maintain employment that pays a wage that is sufficient to live on.

The agency offers other resources like job readiness training, outreach and intervention processes, assessment and employability planning, and more.

The WJCC Community Action Agency provides assistance to individuals in the form of intensive case management with the goal of helping them develop an employement plan. This means that clients can receive help with learning how to use a computer, tips on creating a resume, and information on furthering their education. Other support may include training in dress and interviewing skills, workplace behavior and interview practicing. Gaining work experience usually comes from actually doing the job, whether through on-the-job training, job placement, or development.

This training will teach you how to manage your money wisely, how to save money and how to improve your credit score. These classes and workshop sessions offer clients information on education on predatory lenders, help with getting their finances in order, and support in becoming first-time homebuyers. If you qualify, you can get free tax help from WJCC.

The Community Action Agency Head Start program in Williamsburg James City County provides high quality pre-school services and educational support to children. Parents are helped through agreements where they are partnered with an individual or family. They can receive help with getting their GED or ESL certification, finding a job, managing their finances, and improving their health and wellbeing.

This means that parents are also taken care of and supported. Fathers learn how to engage more with their children, through different strategies and training. This helps fathers to be more patient, and have a deeper understanding of what their children are dealing with on a daily basis. Many immigrants and non-English speaking parents have learned English and have found successful employment. They have also gained new skills or received Associate degrees.

Other services and referrals are offered in addition. The Williamsburg James City County Community Action Agency is located at 312 Waller Mill Road in Williamsburg, Virginia 23185-3006. Contact the center by phone at (757) 229-9332.

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